Passive Income UK 2020: Quarterly Passive Income Report

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Just a quick one to show you my passive income (UK) in the last 3 months. I’m actually surprised I have any!

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Think Money says:

When Panda drops a video, everything else stops! lol loving the dividend income, I believe this month was my highest ever 👍🏻

Zac Frulloni says:

great video! gotta build up those passive income streams!

X faLLa says:

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B Squared Budgets says:

Loved seeing the passive income individually, so glad you are sharing from the beginning makes it much more relatable and motivated seeing how it all builds up! 💚

The Investment Doctor says:

Didn’t know about Shoppix. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing these AWESOME tips😃

Ozbourne Foreman says:

I still have yet to receive any passive income in my current portfolio, not long now haha!

DecDoesInvesting says:

Nice little earner off the freeshare referrals! £60 of passive income is fantastic.I love working out how many hours I would have had to work for that money, which makes it all that more satisfying.

marc foskett says:

Anna this is one of your best videos.. keep them coming.. hope you are safe and well 😊

Sabrina says:

Really enjoy watching your vids. Thanks for sharing your journey

Stock Investment Analysis says:

I love your videos. Make those pence rain! haha. It's great to see those dividends rolling in and building. That smile you got when you mentioned it growing says it all!

Narcisa Sandulescu says:

Hey Panda girls! Was looking forward to this video! 👍👍👍👍

Skip the Bull - Let's Talk Money says:

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! Would you consider retnal income to be passive? Also, do you use a cash back credit card to purchase things? If not, that would be a SUPER easy thing to do to add another passive income stream. I make like $500 per year from using mine.

Viviana Tudora says:

That's brilliant!! Congrats, such a motivating way to keep track of your progress!
Looking forward to sharing a similar video in the future when my passive income starts growing 😊

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