The truth about Passive Income? How to think about the real risks.

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Alex Che Raglia! says:

The closest thing to passive income is 'leveraged income'… whenever one delegates, if there is no control, eventually money will be just diminish to the point that the whole system fails.

Eli Elfassy says:

I have real estate. It is not passive… About income??? I will have to see if it is worth it. It is a lot of work .

Eli Elfassy says:

This video is one of your best videos! Thank you!

David Sullivan says:

The best passive income is taxes and the federal reserve's controls. Banking too, since they get bailouts eliminating all risk. For the average person managed real estate that cash flows is accessible.

David Sullivan says:

My wife, twin kids, and I all live middle class on our managed real estate. It's fairly passive when managed, and after 13 years of investing I can find 12% return easy. If you want to live on $50,000 per year passive income, that would be retirement once you get $420,000 to invest.

coininstant says:

Passive income on HIVE blockchain! check out peakd ! I did think about it and there is some execution involved but there are ways to earn passive returns!

Damdu Dak says:

An examle of a Real passive income: being a wife of a successful businessman.
Also has its risks but still.

Manura Nanayakkara says:

He is the guy who changed my bitcoin strategy, I was gambling with bitcoin doing leverage trading day trading and he said only way to make money with bitcoin is 1. Learn about it, 2. Dollar cost average and hold for years. That's it about bitcoin, all other strategies make you lose money.

Mike P says:

BAM BAM 👍👍 Happy Memorial Day! Great content

Ray Peck says:

2 life lessons.
1. Never invest your dreams in a company named Butterfly Labs!
2. In this simulation that we're in (which by the way we are mutually actively creating) the secret is to create and keep on creating what you want. That's the only way to get it. Some people call it work, some people call it applying brain juice. But there's no getting around you getting in there and actively creating the thing you want to achieve. That's why responsibility works and irresponsibility is the road down and out. That's why purpose works. All good stuff, and again you're spreading the wisdom.

william James says:

Thanks cedric. These videos are my daily does of improvement. I listen to them on my walk. Great varied content.

moonshinefuel says:

It's unbelievable the carnage all these industries are taking, rentals, restaurants, service industries, etc. with this crud bug. Whoda thunk it, most did not see this coming. Question is, how do we play this new hand dealt to us. We certainly have no shortages of problems now that need to be solved currently. Our govts already provide us with all the problems reactions and solutions to all this non-sense. We need to find a niche within it.

Lucy Pang says:

Such a revealing and thought provoking video. A piece of wonderful work! Please continue to produce video of such quality

Nicolae Ochisor says:

Thanks Cedric.

Kris G. says:

Yeah bro famous last words. needed to hear that today. "how you gonna change that?" thanks for the wakeup call. cheers

Gilles Joly says:

I collect what I call a passive income in the form of lending and staking, but I do so with the assumption that risk=reward. I agree, many people assume you can make cash for free; there is no such thing.

hailfire49 says:

Very eloquent video, I might add that there is also risk in doing nothing, for example standing pat on printcoin (fiat) getting negative nominal return..

John T says:

Would you categorize dividend stock like AT&T an execution risk as well? Your thoughts? They haven't lowered their dividend in 35 plus years. I know price depreciation could be a risk. Thanks for the great videos !!!

Oliver Grah says:

Affiliate marketing is quite passive once you set it up right.

T Sharpe says:

Wow amazing story! At first, I unsubscribed, the video was too slow. I have no patience. I waited a minute and said, let me listen to this guy. I am glad that I did. I purchased 5 single family rental homes in 2005, a realtor managed them for 5 years. During the realtor’s management, I had many problems, until I decided to manage them myself. In 2010, I am managing my properties. Now, my tenants are long-term, I have never had to evict, and if the tenants are late, I collect a late fee without a problem. It’s working for me. And yes, I sometimes do have to type a lease or a renewal or hire an ac person to do maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s good income and it’s working for me. It’s not for everyone. The biggest part of it is selecting the right tenants, after that it’s easy for me.

Issa Makhamreh says:

Great video, getting the brain juice 💪, have a great day

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