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Looking For Passive Income Investments & Ideas? Here Are The Best Ways To Make Passive Income In 2020 I Use To Generate Thousands Of Dollars A Month!
During This Shut Down People Are Looking For New Ways To Make Money Online & Passive Income From Home, So Here Are Some Ideas To Help You Start Making Money!

Part two making money online with websites and youtube

1. Stimulus checks, here in Canada and America The Government Is Offering money to those who have lost there jobs and is by far the best but not long term way of tapping into passive income!
2. Credit cards, Yes when making daily purchases of your regular shopping items a lot of credit cards offer rewards generating extra income of 1-2% these rewards may not sounds exciting but it can add up!
3. Amazon associates, if you understand selling and making money online this is beautiful with money upfront you can just promote products through a facebook group, youtube channel & even with blog posts. Upfront there is some sweat equity involved but by the end this can become passive income!
4. Starting a youtube channel, this one will not be easy as its taking me over a year to start generating income off youtube but this is also an underrated way of generating passive income!
5. Shopify and websites, I currently make $1,500 off a Shopify store generating traffic through blogs and old Youtube videos now becoming extremely less labored generating passive income!
6. Stock market investing for dividend income, this idea is sound solid and easy with the financial freedom community on YouTube but the biggest down fall with this passive income generator is you need capital upfront!
7. Finally Real Estate has made more millionaire then other passive income investment even if your to lazy to buy a rental property you can always buy into REITs and other investment trust options!

Learn more about what we talked about here!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Sk8terboy31rs says:

It’s interesting seeing your subscriber count increase daily. Happy to be apart of that.

Stock Investment Analysis says:

Nice! I like that cash back. I use a Fidelity credit card that automatically deposits 2% back on all purchases into my brokerage account.

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