5 Passive Income Investments You Can Make With $500 (BEGINNER-FRIENDLY)

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Investing 101: How To Invest $500 / Month for Beginners! Today we’ll share five different passive income investments, and our passive income investment ideas for beginners! You’ll learn how to invest $500, how to invest in stocks, and overall the best ways of investing as a millennial in 2020. Do you have any current investments?! Let us know in the comments below!

▸ Investing Apps – 0:35
▸ Investing in REIT’s – 2:30
▸ Investing in Dividends – 4:53
▸ Investing in ETF’s & Index Funds – 6:36
▸ Investing in Yourself – 7:32

Saving & Investing | In this series, Steph & Den will dive into their personal experience with saving and investing as two young millennials who are saving as much as possible as young as possible! If you’re interested in hearing their experience and advice, this series is for you!

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Website: stephandden.com
Den’s Instagram: @denslife
Steph’s Instagram: @stephdgordon

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Steph & Den says:

Do you have any passive investments?! What are they? ⬇️

Yaroslav Tashak says:

great video 🙂 I like the $RIOCF REIT

Dividend Bloodhound Investing says:

Only need a few dollars to start your future self will thank you!

Mimi Hair says:

Sending love and support from new subbie! Hope you can support me too!
Great channel! 🥰♥️😊

Alive In Love says:

love this video 🦋🦋 Just subscribed hope we can support each other 🤍 #399

MBA Think says:

Thanks for a great video – robo-investing is a great way to invest without going to a financial advisor!

Elizabeth Sampson says:

Very interesting, helpful and informative!

Carolina Seville says:

You both make such a great team! These are some very great tips. I am actually working on putting 10% of my earnings in investment accounts so this video came right on time.

Caria Watt says:

You guys are great! Love this so entertaining and great investing apps and tips!

Rosetta Grows says:

Great info. You guys are so fun!

Madison Dohnt says:

Such a great video! Investing is super intimidating for me, especially stocks, so I really enjoyed how you broke it down 😊

Home Fix says:

Nice layout of strategies, Knowledge is power.

Bubbe's Girl says:

Downloading acorn now!

Muntazar C says:

It was great meeting you today Den! Keep up the great work 🙂

Cindy Makita says:

Great advice & tips! Id love to try Ellevest

Naza Nalani - This Is Your Sign says:

These tips are so helpful, thanks so much for explaining it all so clearly! 😀🙌

JOHVI TV says:

Just added Robinhood to my apps and got a free share of stock for free.

Nando Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the recommendations! These got me excited to research more of these! Thanks guys. 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

Dr Lara Zib says:

This is so interesting! Thank you 🙂

Financialdemics says:

Great video. I invest in REITs and I use investing apps.

DarrenJacksonTV says:

DIVIDEND INVESTING FTW!!! Haha and you definitely have to make some coffee before investment talk!!
Great video and super informative! I dividend invest myself and so far so good!

Abie Kamara says:

Omg, you two have The Best Smiles! Very inviting and great camera presence! I really need to take some time to learn about investing. Thinking of downloading acorns. Will definitely look into it. 😃

Adam Saddique says:

Hey Steph & Den,

New investor here with a quick question.

VUCP is supposed to give a 3.28% Dividend Yield / Monthly.

So does that really mean if I have $1,000 in the Bond, I will get $32.80 as a dividend every month? That seems unrealistic. I must be missing something, can someone help me out?




Ulyssia Gayle says:

I will definitely be looking into some of these apps!

Wise Move AZ says:

Going to check out Ellevest! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

Sketch By Krishan says:

Had great time listening to your solutions of investing!

Rachel Smets says:

it's interesting but is this for US and Canadian people, cause I'm really not sure I can use it in Europe?

Coach Simona says:

Super interesting video 🙂 My husband's really passionate about investing, I've been slowly learning a lot these days, too. You both gave me a lot of great ideas, thanks!

Lauren Hebert says:

I actually had no idea that investing apps existed that is so cool!

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