Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 37]

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Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

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Think Money says:

congrats on 10k subs!🍒
8k more to go for me 😋

M says:

Do you ever dabble in day/swing trading?

Daniel Gray says:

With fidelity have you set it to auto reinvest in securities or just send the cash to your core account and you reinvest it? Thanks

Im Davis - Personal Finance, Career, & Wealth Tips says:

The returns on the real estate stocks 😭. Congrats on 10k Cherry!

Manuel Campbell says:

Congrats for your nice weekly gains !

I think this week rally is purely « Fed induced » rally…
Mainly by guaranteeing big corporate bonds, these investments have recovered lots of their value. Now, pension funds have lots of bonds with almost zero yield, they are trying to redeploy to anything else to earn a return for pensioners otherwise they can’t make enough out of the funds they have…
Stocks like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are good « story stocks », so they pile up in these names, no matter the price.
This is my view.

Thomas Reed says:

Congrats on hitting 10K subscribers! O/

Vanessa Patterson says:

📝❤️🙏🏽 taking notes

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