6 Figure Dividend Portfolio Dripping $6,184 + Stocks To Buy Now | Passive Income Review

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My Dividend Stock Portfolio Is Paying An Annual Dividend Of $6,184 All Time Highs Going Into June 2020, Here Are The Stocks I’m Buying Now & How I Am Using A Line Of Credit To Buy REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Frame of Mind says:

Portfolio value = Asset value – debt you should include the debt

yukon g says:

Regarding Geo, it is definitely political. This is an election year and democrats are trying to eliminate private prisons…the dividend looks safe imo but you never know what might happen here

Mathew Gotthelf says:

When you have somebody hating on you don't give them an audience just do what you think is best. I love listening to your show I find it very entertaining. What I did in the past month has nothing to do with what you did with your investing. I borrowed $60,000 from the bank at 3.05 % and put it all in the hardest hit stocks. Reits mostly. I am currently down 5k but I am in it for 10 plus years. The dividends pay almost 3x then what the interest rate cost monthly. Am I crazy? probably lol

Terrifying Gaming says:

Can you do a monthly dividend stock TSX video

yukon g says:

Riocan rocks👍… wishing you all the best

Bamboozle says:

We need M1 finance up here

ntr6 says:

Explain the dividend taxation on Americans owning RIOCF and vice versa for a Canadian holding O Reality Income and I’ll sub my whole family

Cardinal History says:

Ever though of moving to M1 finance they have a better drip system in my opinion it can take say Coke dividend and buy not only coke but, apple, Facebook or what ever other stocks you have just curious on your though.

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