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In this video I’m going to show you exactly how much money this portfolio makes me, of 80 ETFs/bonds and 20% stocks.

1. Important Facts about dividends
– Dividends are the percentage of the profits that a company chooses to give its stockholders
– Whenever looking for companies to invest in, make sure they have consistently made dividend payment for a long time
– Be careful when the dividend is super high, some failing companies use that to attract investors.

2. Acorns ( I invest in stock ETF’s and Bonds)
– I started with $7.60 back in December 2018
– My goal is to use this account to fund my retirement in the future
– So by investing 500 bucks monthly ( when I retire I will have around 3.3 million dollars) – $77.7k in dividend payments annually

– I’m pretty far away from that though
– Currently, I have invested $24,605.85 ( which is a lot less than 3.3Million)
– I own 268.8 shares of a mix of ETFs and bonds

Makes Me:
– A total of $633.56 annually and $52.80 monthly
– And an average dividend of 2.94%
– It’ll take me 2.5 million dollars to get their

3. Robinhood ( I have a mix of 90% bonds and ETFs and 10% stocks )
– I think Robin is getting better every year
– They have fractional shares now, a cool debit card ( limited to a waitlist)
– But I wish they had a good way to organize the portfolio

– So far I have a total value of $11,963.95
– I own around 149.14 shares
– And make around an average dividend of 3.32%

Makes Me:
– A total of $322.44 annually and $26.87 monthly

4. Sofi Money (20% ETFs and 80% stocks)
– Now I started investing a lot more money in this account
– Because I also bank with them
– And that way I can transfer money instantly

– So far I have a total value of $16,066.81
– I own around 633 shares
– And make around an average dividend of 4.68%

Makes Me:
– A total of $900.15 annually and $75.01 monthly

5. Cash Investing (100% ETFs)
– I rarely use this app only when I have an emergency buy and cant transfer money quick enough

– So far I have a total value of $2,404
– I own around 10.626 shares
– And make around an average dividend of 1.97%

Makes Me:
– A total of $47.28 annually and $3.94 monthly

6. Overall Guys:
– I have a total of $55,040.61
– With an annual dividend of $1903 or 158 monthly





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TommyBryson says:

What's your Goal for Investing for 2020 and whats your monthly Dividend Goal
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Karriem Pope says:

Is cash app good for ivesting or should i go to robinhood

ARel RAel TAlk says:

OK cash app and in so far money what stocks did you put your money in like was it Netflix Apple Samsung like which ones are good to invest money on whether you’re using cash app or whichever one because cash app is always show me McDonald’s Netflix Apple Burger King and all these other places so what would be your recommendation basically is what I’m trying to say

Dcdatruth85 says:

I got a long way to go, thought I would have some good passive income in investing 5,000.

Prosperous Life says:

Awesome dividend stocks man. Looking to add more positions to make some more passive income! Thanks for the information! 🙏🏻😃✅

Think Money says:

we have similar sized portfolios, similar amount of dividends each month lets keep it rolling!

Nicole Ray says:

WAIT- we can use cash app to send money to Robinhood??? Do we have other option for getting the money out other than through your bank account?

Kevin2Thug says:

New sub loving the vids bro.

Hezekiah Gibbons says:

£1000 a month in dividends and I’ll be happy 😁

Charles Green says:

How did you go from investing $7 in December 2018 to 56k now. Where you get the money or how much do you get paid. A lot of investing channels don’t let the viewers in on this. Because the average joe doesn’t even make in a year what your investing. So what’s your story?

Alessio Corbetto says:

Stocks are doo doo

Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge says:

80% ETFs I should put more money into ETFs than stocks. That was my plan but somehow it’s hard to buy more ETFs than stocks. 🤔

Michael & Bella's travel channel says:

You are definitely on the right track just don't stop,

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