10 Passive Income Ideas – That Earn $1000+ Per Month💥

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10 Passive Income Ideas – That Earn $1000+ Per Month // Want to start producing cash flow and need ideas for how to start earning passive income? Here are 10 excellent passive income ideas that can pay at least $1000+ per month. Whether you’re a beginner and you’ve never earned passive income before this video is for you!

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Marissa Romero says:

🔥WATCH the Masterclass My 4 Step Framework For a WILDLY Profitable YouTube Channel
👉🏽 https://marissaromero.com/masterclass

MY Resources:
🔥Grab my Subscribers To Sales Blueprint 6 Steps To 6-Figures on YouTube
👉🏽 https://marissaromero.com/blueprint


I rewatched this great video by Marrissa. I can confirm these are great passive income ideas that work. So if you are a blogger, small youtuber, or just trying to make it online, Marrissa provided some invaluable ideas you need to incorporate if you want to succeed. Thumbs up!

jayanand nanda says:

Thank you mam, please tell me about the best work from home jobs that done from India. Please help during this Lockdown


Always knowledgeable/informative videos but who is the super hot chick in the sunglasses and nike hat!..she fine!!😍😉😄

Caribeña Riena says:

Please do more videos on traveling on a budget and what its like to live in Medellin and cost.

Nadia Martineau says:

I absolutely love the beginning 😂😂 so true!!! And not enough people preach this

Jessa Profit 2020 says:

Thanks for the explanation, I also think that the simpler the better… 📌 Top $500 Income on my Ch 💰

The Video Editing Experts - Portfolio says:

Let's work together! I want to edit your videos, have you seen our work? IG: videoediting_experts

Leo S basebybase7 says:

Velocity banking works well in any real estate, car loan, credit card debt, etc.

Life and Beauty With Sonia says:

Love this video and your content!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I love how you share your knowledge and advice with us 🤗💜

Home of Gaming says:

This will help🤑

Jade Choi - Make Money Online Challenge says:

One of my videos was about the exactly same topic! Passive income ideas to make 1,000+ a month. 💎 I tried 5 passive income strategies and I earned over $1,000. So I shared it via video!

I’m not qualified for monetization on YouTube yet, but my next passive income stream will be my YouTube channel! 🤩

Michael Wong says:

Hi Marissa, enjoyed this again. Thank you for this video. Awesome ways to create income. I really enjoyed this. And I am a friend and fan thanks again. I am always for passive income.😉

The Sim Architect says:

I am glad you can make good revenue from recycling the same ideas over and over, and so many other bloggers and youtubers. Nothing wrong with it at all, by the way, but it's a nice way to make stale content new by re-recording the same thing over and over again with a different organization. Nice way to fool the system into believing the content is actually new, that's the most valuable lesson I get from you video, sorry.
It is nice that you are putting those items together, though, very useful for new people who didn't know about those options yet. Most of them are quite effective and you are indeed providing useful information to that public.
It's a bit disappointing to see the same "money solutions" being presented over and over everywhere, though, and I am pretty sure that if there's anything secret or really new that almost nobody is already grinding to the bone they'll keep it a secret until it's old news already.
Same thing with investments, there's no decent investment solution for the average person of an investment that's safe and actually pays enough for a person to retire with those "4% and you'll never run out of your money" promise. Those life insurance policies you mention are usually a terrible deal for the insured person, please check your own policies, the fees you paid so far, how much money you gave them and how much you'd be able to cash out right now if you wanted to, or how much interest you would pay THEM. I honestly believe your intentions are in a very good place (specially since you're NOT selling us those policies), but you might be also a victim of the system if you're giving them your money without knowing.
Anyway, keep up the good work, I will keep an eye for your next video or two to see if you have content that can bring novel information before unsubscribing or if you'll only target newcomers before I opt to unsubscribe.

Anonymous says:

wanna be friends?

Anonymous says:

wanna be friends?


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