Turning $30 into $10k Per Month in PASSIVE INCOME

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This video will give you the blueprint to turning just $30 into $10k in passive income. If you put in the time and effort to building your financial future, this could really set you up to become financially free!

I have dedicated a countless number of hours to help entrepreneurs like yourself get started in this business. I have made a FREE online video course to teach you the basics to start a Credit Card Terminal Business. With this course, you will have the knowledge/information to create a 6 figure business.

The 1st person who can sign their first 10 deals will receive a FREE Genmega 2500 ATM, all expenses paid by me! If this is your first ATM machine, I will even give you access to my ATM Genius Academy Course which is valued at $399.

Click the link below to sign up for the Credit Card Business Academy, (FIRST 100 PEOPLE FREE)



Gabriel Martinez says:

I just joined. This is great.

victor manzo says:

Phenomenal content! 🙂 but am I able to perform this in the state of California? Somebody had mentioned that only in certain States… :/

LuizAndrade says:

BROOOOO cant wait to take this year to the next level !

NorCal PbNation says:

Went through the course. I was a fan u till this here. SO.. those who pay the $399 for the course are essentially TAKING A COURSE TO BECOME YOUR EMPLOYEE/ CONTRACTOR TO FIND YOU LOCATIONS AND MAKE PENNYS ON THE DOLLAR COMPARED TO WHAT YOUR MAKING FOR ALL THE HARD WORK

Kierra C says:

0.4 or 0.04% ?

Krabby patty says:

Chad youre making $60K+/month!!! (at$3.99 Per transaction) with that student who brough in 15k+ transactions and $300k+, great stuff, still giving people a peice of the pie, but the margins are insaneeee lol give the course for free period, end of the day itll make you thousands

Kierra C says:

Chad! It’s been a minute 👋🏽

Gixxerclay says:

Is this available in NY? And what is explained to the customer? How is it sold to the customer who is purchasing. The establishment is going to ask. How do they explain the additional 3% on their receipt?

Kaine.b BOST says:

So do we have to go through your course in order to get the machines?

Mike says:

I think you need to mention that this is prohibited in 10 states. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas. Also Puerto Rico.

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