How To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies Using Celsius Network

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Here I’ll show you how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies with a free app. This is a great app for buying cryptos, holding cryptos, and earning interest from them. It is newbie friendly! The app / wallet is the Celsius Network crypto wallet and is part of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement. The legacy banking system is old, broken and tired. This is a new and better way to leverage your money.

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Disclaimer– This is not financial advice and I/we are not telling you to buy or sell any financial assets including cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets that can go up exponentially, or drop in price; they can be as wild as a Kansas City roller coaster. Invest at your own risk. Some of the links shared are referral links. We get a small commission when they are used. Please use them! It helps to support the channel and our research.


Vasanth Mothe says:

Hi Dave …How high cardano can go this year with bull run and without ?

mikle65 says:

you will not earn passive income with celsius rates…. (not enough to matter)

Kazimierz Torczylo says:

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Any thoughts on

Dr. Vlastimir Beršnak says:

no matter what happens, i believe cryptos are the future. i have made so much from them to quit right now. almost over 200 grand from the market. even my portfolio at Glofinancials has been growing at a rapid pace. hold strong guys! we are going there. are we headed to 20 grand per BTC ???

Gary Elliott says:

Been using Celsius for 6 months, superb company, from the man who invented voip Alex mashinsky

A says:

How safe is this ? If I ‘lend’ to Celsius do I keep my keys ? What’s the Apr? And what’s better – blockfi or Celsius ? Good video .

Antigonos TV says:

what about safe?

Chandra Benny says:

Thanks for sharing,Dave 👍

logMaker360 says:

Have a look at LTO, and lease it out for about 7%

Patrick says:

Hi Dave you forgot to mention , do you keep your crypto private keys with celsius .?

10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune says:

If I could make just $50 a day, I'd spend 6 months at a time in Thailand. I love that place and the people. Chok dee

Shawn Bottoms says:

Is it true Ethereum 2.0 was deemed a security because of staking? If so is that bad news for staking cryptos?

Nick Austin says:

Gday from Tasmania Dave. Stay Safe Mate and thank you for all your Fantastic Advice Cannot say Thanks enough for the help 🙂 ps Do you like ?? Thanks in Advance

Davide T says:

We’ve been missing you here my man… thank you for t he video, as always…

How are you planning about the next incoming huge share/market crash?

Do you think that crypto will follow again?

Julian Miller says:

i prefer

Ric Wok says:

I’ll stake with a the network, but not lend to 3rd parties … not yet anyway, if we get the bull run we are expecting that will be plenty for me

Jermyn Parra says:

Hey there. Thanks so much for the videos. I’m learning a lot. What do you think of Algorand? It’s Staking app is great but what do you think of the project? Thanks again!

userloser44d says:

Dave, you have an army now! Business is looking good,

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