15 Ways to Make a LOT of Money Everyday With Passive Income and Active Income [Steal Them!]

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Everyone Keeps Asking Me How Much I Make On YouTube and All The Business I Run So Here You All Go.

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Paul Conlin says:

Thanks for covering the TVIX today. You are doing me much good my favorite English teacher.
North Dakota Neighbor

a 105 says:

don't lie, Bills hair shudders at Kevins hat with the red feather. It's a tough call….or put….not sure yet.

Pentru Barbati says:

Hey J how do you learn Day Trading ?

WiseGenieLife says:

I love TVIX

Andrew Ayala says:

I think I heard you giggle in the beginning of the musical intro after you cursed haha

Jamie Springer says:

I was able to snag a discount code however the signup link leads to an empty page 🙁

bryan what says:

Kenny Rogers said it best. Know when to hold know when to fold know when to walk away and know when to run.

T D says:

These stock markets are random and a gamble. So I rolled my dice and bought $5000 of stocks.

Alexander Harris says:

I made that exact same trade at $171.34. Sold HALF of my position at $205.00 due to uncertainty of what the fed can do after hours/overnight. Overall, perfect technical setup. Don’t have a lot of money in the market but made around $200!!!! Be aware!!!

Todd Mullis says:

Rental properties are tough. I had 5 and sold but have 1 nice rental that’s paid for and that is nice

A says:

did you know that most lawyers get taller when they take viagra

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