How to Use Debt to Create Passive Income

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We have all been raised to avoid debt at all costs.

But the truth is, the smartest and fastest growing businesses out there are using debt as a way to create passive income.

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In this video Ryan Daniel Moran, serial entrepreneur turned Amazon sales superstar, shows us how to utilize debt and turn into one of the most powerful tools you can have for bringing in extra income to you and your business.

Diving deep into the differences between the good, the bad, and the surefire success of debt, Ryan offers a straight forward guide on how to build a stable foundation for your online business that will help you grow your sales while reaching your long-term goals.

Using examples from his own past, Ryan, who was able to grow his own online sales on Amazon from zero to over a million dollars in just one year, lays out a new way to look at the potential of taking on smart debt.

This practical and ambitious lesson in using your capital for all it is worth will leave viewers with a new and greater understanding of all the ways they can build up their cash flows in the present and future.

All ultra-successful individuals and businesses have used debt to their advantage, but by underscoring the critical importance of understanding the true value of return on investment, Ryan puts the power back into the hands of his fellow business owners, giving them an objective, realistic, and innovative view on their debt’s potential.


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Shannon Vrabec says:

Whattt I'm from Cleveland Ohio also. Helllooooo Ryan

Devory Burns says:

I learned debt with OPM from Robert Kiyosaki could get me rich, but he never says how to do it in his videos. Does he say in rich dad poor dad? I just purchased it hoping so. Thanks for informative video!

Kelvin Stones says:

expeditetools,com made a hacked transfer of $50,000 to my bank account.

Mendoza Anival says:

Ok the car bit lost me can reexplain it

john perkins says:

Everything works great until your rental is destroyed or they don't pay rent then what you going to do

Ricardo Sanchez says:

I want to know how you got 2% for a Car Loan.

Sean Petterson says:

I’m in that boat 20% for 100roi. Looking at it it’s scary. But I be ok

Mike Nazarian says:

i wouldn't call good debt, debt, i would call it borrowing money with interest!

Mohamed Musse says:

the risk is the tenant is not gonna pay rent and fucks up the house. than you are 100% in dept 😅

in europe u cant even kick them out. shity low.

you should mention what could go wrong.

El Chapi says:

I have been using 0% Credit cards and investing them for a 6-8% profit. After the promotional 0% expires I pay capital and keep the profits. Rinse and repeat. I get monthly cash flow which I then reinvest, don't have to deal with tenants or employees. Ha!

Knowledge is power says:

By the 2nd example I understood this topic excellent idea love ❤😘 from India 🇮🇳 . Namaste🙏

Armando Rodriguez says:

So are you keeping the $100k you freed up and using it on to buy property or the car because at 7:05 you stated how now you have both which makes no sense because the money doesnt just double up like that

shk hks says:

How did you become eligible to take the Tesla Car Loan at 2%, Instead of 5%?

Happy Sisters says:

Too risky, it's is also a shortcut to bankruptcy. No extra cash or backup when the home left with no tenant for months. Maybe a 50 k home will work. 50 k more to keep to hold the home during downtimes.

I am Cringeman says:

Dawg if you can’t afford something don’t buy it unless it’s an emergency

Pišta Lakatoš says:

The problem with your logic is that by making debt you are exposed to leverage risk and the chances are you will end up with much less than you began with. Also how can you possibly predict that your business will make 10%?

Phillip Borbon says:

dont forget, if it is a business you can tax deduct as well 🙂 i believe the interests.

dibaskar265 says:

debt is good for rich as it makes them richer as they can pay it by their already established multiple sources of income, not for a newbie who starts with a few thousands.

dibaskar265 says:

no business today guarantees high value assured return there is always risk factors involved and ignoring them is foolish, no venture today guarantees return 100%. those who started decades back are in th position to take risks today, usay trump and kiyosaki they already made their market long time before and ventured in something new while having atleast 6 or 7 income sources as backup. do something for a fresh enterpraneur, these stats only works for someone who has many income sources and money to play with.

Jackie says:

Mortgage rates in my area are in the range of 7-8.5%, whereby rental does not yield as much. Does it mean it is not a good deal to use debt?

Shivam Dubey says:

You use that money for the home how you bought the car men

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