3 Legit Websites to Make Passive Income Online

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Do you believe it is possible to make passive income online? Are you looking for a way to supplement your current revenue stream without working long hours and at your leisure? Then, this video is for you.

In today’s video, I will be sharing with you 3 legit websites where you could make passive income. All you will be needing is a phone or computer and internet access.

Before I do, I’d like to clear the air on some common misconceptions on what passive income is not. Passive income does not mean zero-work. And this is one of the litmus tests to spot possible scams. Any website or project that promises high earnings from zero to minimal work is most likely a scam.

The general rule of passive income and any other form of revenue is that you must invest before you can earn. Your investment may be in the form of spending your time to create products, plan a marketing campaign or automate checkout processes. You may also need to build a solid audience base from social media or an email list before you acquire customers. Finally, your passive income investment may require some financial resources to get things up to speed.

And now, to the business of the day.


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