NO BULL: From Stimulus Check to Retired with Passive Income

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I’m tired of magical videos on the internet about building wealth and passive income. Here’s a NO BS way to build wealth.

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The Online Biz Whiz says:

YES!!! This is exactly what I am doing. Thanks to your advice and amazing courses. I finally am doing it!! In the process of purchasing our second house right now. Keeping our first house to rent out. I love this and it actually is easier than you might think. Finally a way to “side hustle” that IS possible. Sorry Tai Lopez. Sorry Kevin David. Meet Kevin is the real deal!! BAM! Kevin you need a mic drop at the end of this video!!

Zaid Alnaib says:

God bless you

Eric Petersen says:

Wow Kevin hit the ☕️☕️ real hard!!!! Nice😀

Michael Close says:

Shit got real pretty quick for me when i was younger, broke parents and my dad is addicted to drugs. Im 19 and since i got my first car at 16 when i got my licence, ive traded, bought, sold, fixed, and hustled my way to where i am now, which is just the beginning as all i am doing is building Skill and Value to sell off the "collection" i have for a down payment on my first property which should get me straight into doing what your talking about, just like the cars, buy cheap. do what you need to do to up the value to sell or in a house scenario rent basically till its paid off then cash out. I have had 36 Vehicles in the last 3 years. and i currently own 6, and a whole fuck load of knowledge from it on the cars themselves to the aspect of negotiating and selling. ive had over 10 cadillacs, over 5 jaguars, an alfa romeo, mercedes, audi, 4 lincolns, cars from 1968-2009. and since i have been working this whole time i just got a NICE boost because i got laid off and paid now to stay home and throw in as many hours on fixing the cars, that i already have. I got a credit card right away and started buying car parts and gas through it to build credit, aswell as opened a investing account where i plan to slowly invest over time as a shot in the dark (because saving is dumb when i could just sell a car) The perks seem to get good once youve got a pattern so im being patient…… Just my 2 cents…

Dustin Luadzers says:

I’m addicted to this channel.

Keshala Peiris says:

I was almost going to lose it all and this site saved me E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

Cat vs Snake says:

real estate

Like the video rite now says:

Sell drugs Kevin !??

DedRed7 says:

This is EXACTLY my current plan (5 homes, sell in a decade or two and "retire") and one year into the process so far. Have a hard time finding those magical under market value, wedge deal, houses that I'm confident I could bring that much value to. Started anyway. Rented out old home, currently learning how to finish basement on my own in my current home, and looking to move on to the next home once that's finished (hopefully within a year). Doing it all with a family, a full time job, and another side hustle. A bit scary to think about taking care of that many homes, but things have been relatively smooth with just the two so far and I've learned a lot more about fixing up houses (still have a long way to go). Been watching your videos for well over a year now and they've been key in providing me the information and confidence to move forward on this idea. Just wanted to share. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

More IRL Gaming says:


Darryl Miller says:


Victor Moreno says:

oh damn!! feud with you two… let it go Kevin.. you have your hustle, the tax place has theirs buddy… lol. No chickens and no avocados….thanks for the tip on real estate investing.. hmm maybe ill take your course now..

Brian Kitching says:

Sam Zeller isn't buying anything right now. Warren Buffet isn't buying anything right now. Not saying don't do it, just saying those real estate people think the worst is yet to come. Meaning houses will be less expensive after next crash. Market will likely look like an M followed by a flatline underscore with an eventual and gradual incline over the next 3-5 years.

Michael Blondeau says:

dude, your channel is the shiz. thx!

643 Double Play says:

I thought you have to put 20% down to buy a house. I know first time buyers can get 3-5% and Thats only if you live in it for 1 year .are you saying each time every three years you need to claim you live in the house a year "fixing it up" before renting it to someone else to pay your mortgage

Tan Maxwell 45 says:

KEV – seriously ? Are you using this time of crisis, to show us how to get rich ? People like me ,don't need any of that – just give us enough cash (like 2k to 8k a month) and we'll do the rest.Everyone's situation isn't the same. I can make a KILLING myself,with this kind of money for 36 to 60 months according to Warren Buffet, and start my own LEGAL passive streams of monthly income.

Benny D Martinez says:

nice job on 26000

Tripto says:

Kevin .. run for President .. right now … no… shhh.. stop…. please run right now, you have my vote… Kevin for president

leftlanekennels says:

Or u could learn how to trade stock and make 2500 a week

Jonathan Fletcher says:

Those who say they don’t know how to swing a hammer should go watch the fun stuff on the Home Renovision channel. Great stuff! I like to fix things, but this guy makes everything so much easier!

Shanquan Brown says:

Straight no chaser

Digital Suicide says:

Throwing shade😂

James Stencil says:

Love you Kev.. great vid I learned!!! Thank you thank you

Storm says:

Is it usually easy to find land worth 200k with property’s?

LukeDoingThings says:

THANK YOUUU people really are advising to farm as passive income

Ryan Nielsen says:

The BIGGEST problem you have with this solution is that in many countries you need a full time stable job for at least or your partner for at least 6 months (preferably a year) or banks will not touch you….or the ones that do have sky high interest rates making it cost more then you could ever make to make it worth it…. @meetkevin

How I made says:

save yourself time and just buy bitcoin bro

manictiger says:

Most of the places here aren't 30% – 50% below the comps. They're like 10%.

George Senda says:

Excuses hell.
It took 2 of us TWO years to save up 4,200 for our first 2002 Prius and my girlfriend and I went without a lot of stuff to do it and in the week we were going to pay off the car loan, a hit and run driver demolished it and all we got was enough to pay off the loan & then we were without a car again for another 2 years.

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