How to EASILY Track Passive Income (Dividends) – Net Worth Spreadsheet

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📈💰Ultimate Stock Market Portfolio with Automated Dividend Income Tracker:

In today’s video, I wanted to share with you the importance of tracking everything that has to do with your personal finances from your income, expenses, savings goals, net worth, stock market portfolio, and dividend income.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve made many different variations of excel and google finance worksheets to track different elements of my finances. However, in the last 6 months, I really focused on automating this information as much as possible so that I could have a spreadsheet that works for me instead of having to change market data and so forth.

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Griffin Milks says:

Happy Friday everyone! I want to thank you all for tuning into my videos and supporting the channel over the past while, you're all amazing 😀 If you want to stay on top of your finances, make sure to check out the spreadsheet ⤵️
📈💰Ultimate Stock Market Portfolio with Automated Dividend Income Tracker:

Richard S says:

Hi, How do you manage having different currencies in that Spreadsheet? I have a lot of Canadian Stocks but a few US Stocks. But if I enter US dollars in the table, it doesn't work anymore. Should I make another spreadsheet with the US stocks? If so, How do you manage the total of both the Canadian and us stocks? Do you simply convert us dollars into canadian ones in the spreadsheet? please explain.

Dan McNulty says:

Hey. Can you add more rental properties.

watsss says:

Can the IEX token work with Microsoft Excel in real time instead of Google Sheets? I bought your spreadsheet but i'm having trouble using it with Excel.

Danielle Gasher says:

So informative as always!! Thank you for this 🙂

Jean-François Beaulieu says:

Thanks for the spreadsheet! Please see my youtube video on my top picks in the canadian market sorted by EV/EBITDA and feel free to give feedback:

Shawn says:

anyone know how long it takes to get the spreadsheet after you ordered :O still waiting for mine

Philippecamire says:

Great content as always Griffin. Thanks for your valuable insight.

Steven Russell says:

you should make a video for people wanting to create their own businesses

Thollie Jin says:

I really like the idea of tracking everything! Looks great! Does the spreadsheet factor in the commission fees for the buy or selling of the stocks? Therefore I can know the break even price for my equities?! Keep up the great work 👍🏻

NoseyMold says:

Let me guess, you’re an accounting major?

Keerthi Chandra says:

Started my dividend portfolio this month😃and thanks for the video Griffin✌🏽

Greg Farlane says:

This really helps since I was a bit confused about the sheet I bought. Thank you!

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