How I Made $357,404 From Real Estate By Doing Nothing (PASSIVE INCOME)

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Here to share with you one of the ways I’ve made passive income the last few years. One of my real estate investments made me $357,404 by doing no labor, putting in no hours, and required nothing but an upfront investment.

My channel is focused on making money online, Amazon FBA and building your online businesses to escape the 9-5. However, with many requests to do this video, I decided to share with you how I made this amount of money from real estate. I am not here to give you advice but simply sharing with you how this happened to me and why I decided to go ahead with real estate at the time. It is no longer my main focus. This year, I have sold all my properties to invest into bigger assets and spending majority of my effort and time growing my business online.

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The Tiki Girl says:

I totally relate Tamera. Great minds think alike . I did the same thing when I purchased my townhouse here in Cali back in 2007. I was blessed to have an older respectful married couples to lease my property and they’re more respectful to my house. You don’t want young people who will trash it. I sold it on 2017 to a buyer who paid in cash. And received equity on my home and used it as a down payment on my 2nd property. Your advice is so on point and true 🙋🏼‍♀️🤗💡💡💡

Hira Khan says:

Truly inspirational!

Rick Wong says:

lol, the big idea is Airbnb


Hi … I have not started selling on amazon yet… so do you still recommend it in this situation… or you recommend focusing on something else like online marketing … because not all the products are selling on amazon now … and we don't know how this situation will last … thanks

Michael says:

Winner! Thanks Tamara! 😉

Jarred says:

Great video Tamara. I agree that Amazon FBA and other internet businesses are definitely where people should start because it requires less capital and you will be able to increase your monthly income much faster. Once you have established income from those businesses, you can always diversify into real estate later.

Kevin Pak says:

Pls help me become trillionaire

Kevin Pak says:

Uggghhh you’re goals

Never Gives up says:

Good tip Tamara, I wish I known you when I was younger.

Mark Fu says:

You’ve been great financial choices 🙂 Short-term sacrifice 👍. Yes, fast. You made approx 500% on your $73k investment in 6 years. Of course, I’m sure you are growing your business at an even faster rate.

Gabriella Vernersson says:

I love you Tamara! You're goals girl! Such an inspiration to me

He She Me Wumbo says:

i can’t wait till i can buy a house just to not live in it and rent it out

Bootleg Garage says:

Good morning congrats on the sale are you going to do a new house tour. Keep up the great work : )

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