How To Earn Passive Income Philippines – 5 Passive Ways (Ep. #4)

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Fibo Lim has built an 8-figure business through his websites in less than 2 years. He has refined a system that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs monetize their passion, earn passive income, and live the dot com lifestyle.

His training and system have been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing an online empire.

Today, Fibo Lim is recognized as one of the most requested speakers in his country, the Philippines, in the field of online marketing, business, finance, and personality development.


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In this video, you’ll discover that you can let money work for you, in other words, passive income. There are 5 ways to earn passive income in the Philippines. First, is investing in the stock market. Second is investing in pooled funds. Third, is doing a rental business. Fourth, is engaging yourself in franchising. Lastly, is doing network marketing.


Fibo Lim says:

QUESTION: Which Passive Income Source Do You Want To Build First? 🤔

Let me know in the comments below! 👇

Angela Ortiz says:

Ang fresh mo naman kuya!

Michael David Oyco says:

You guys can try Farmon PH. I earned P28,800 passively in one cycle:

Roilo Armonidad says:

Hello po😊 san po makikita yung ebook ng book niyo? Thank you po

Jimmy Duke says:

This is exactly what I need to see today. Thanks for sharing!


That was helpful in clearing out few confusions….Thanx…Lot's of love from INDIA.

Showbiz Pinoy Portal says:

ang cute mo naman sir

King Philip Alanis says:

it is worth to invest 7% monthly?

Kim Sung je says:

I have seen a lot of positive reviews about stocks and foreign market investing services. it is highly lucrative. I believe investing with an expert trader is a guaranteed step to success with more exposure.

Evelyn Cabillo says:

The video is very informative and relevant to our trending businesses. I used to follow your topics…

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