Passive Income For Creatives (5 Ways)

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5 ways creative people can make passive income.

If you have other suggestions for passive income that have worked for you, I’d love to hear about them.

1. Sell Digital Products
Creative Market:

2. Sell Art

3. Sell Courses

4. YouTube

5. Affiliate Commissions
Creative Market Affiliate:
Envato Affiliate:

6. (bonus) Stock Art
My Shutterstock: Assets?rid=228764601&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ctrbreferral-t-link

Visual Diary:
Personal IG:

Digital Shop:


Susan Anthony says:

Rhett, how do I make money by putting my fonts on Creative Market?

philbertmill2 says:

XXI Century problems: "My daugther's youtube makes more money than mine" XD

Just kidding, great tips!! Thank you!

joiski says:

Super useful! Thanks a lot!

Rob Rod says:

Just amazing! Thanks so much

Grimmer2006 says:

Oh gosh, this guy talk so slowly, and with such a monotome non enthusiastic voice… Its good info! But sooooo booring to listen to.
These people where the kinds of teachers you fell asleep when listening to in school. I wanna listen, but its sooo hard.

Esun R says:

I'm just needing some Donations for buying equipment to teach to poor students and artists
Please help. even a little…

Max Belkacem says:

Thanks a lot

Growth Mindset says:

Taking control of your life is the KEY to happiness and success. We all start somewhere, whether that be at the bottom or with a little help. Ultimately your potential is determined by your habits, which will DEFINE Who you are and what mark you leave on earth.

CreativeAudience says:

Creative Making passive income just like sharing good things with others, all good this will come back to giver or seller. Thanks for sharing the good idea and the good experiences.

周海丰 says:

tears in my eyes.

Igor Rogov says:

Thank you! I working for Stocks about 7 years and it is really cool. No clients and so on. And it is really change my life!

Fedor Filon says:

There is not such thing as passive income. If you invest your time in selling something on digital marketplaces, it's instantly became active job, because you need to do your digital product, promote it etc.

Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos says:

I have been working on my sources of passive income, my most recent being my YouTube channel on personal finance. Hopefully it's as successful as yours! Liked and subscribed 👍

ArgoBeats says:

Thank you for enlighten us with these precious thoughts, Rhett. You are the Man.

Motion Mixture says:

Thank you Rhett! Good stuff!
Want to start asap with some of this. Can already feel how the 9-5 won't last for me in the long run…

Tom Newbury says:

Thanks Rhett! This is quality information.

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