Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 32]

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Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

QoTD: What do you think of M1 Finance's redesign?
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Carlos Hernandez says:

You should expand on international dividends stocks (ADR rules). Btw MO

guess what says:

Lookin good as usual

Tri Le says:

Great video 👍 I just started my Fidelity account like a month ago too, still keeping my Robinhood tho just not gonna deposit there anymore. What is your strategy on this down turn? I already bought 80% of my invest cash reserves into stock in the past month.

Danny He says:

You’ve actually lost 30%. Feb. 10 was the day when stock market crashed 🤥

b rob says:

What do you think of Boeing? And a Fidelity video would be great

Tom says:

amazing content you deserve more subscribers

Money B says:

When you say deposit $200 every Monday do you spend it all in 1 day or spread it out throughout the week

Tom says:

cool video keep it up

Hassan Investing says:

I am still sticking with Robinhood. I also have M1 Finance.

Tom says:

cool content dude

Mr. Dividend Investor says:

You got a solid portfolio! Nice job!

Tom says:

great content keep up the amazing content

Stock Overflow says:

I'm pretty close to actually making money! I'll be at 10K invested by May unless the market decides to crash again. Crap, now I jinxed it.

Just let me have my 5 figures, Stock Market!

Tom says:

great content my guy

Jake Curtis says:

Hey Cherry! Whats your monthly cashflow?🐸💸

Think Money says:

It was a great rally, enough to be at about break even. All because of heavy Dollar cost averaging in March 👍🏻

smooth guy says:

My favorite beautiful mentor 🍒❤️😍🤑🤑🤑✨✨

Cylixir says:

amazing content dude

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