Make Passive Income Selling 3D Models and Digital Content Online.

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Making Money Online Selling Your 3d Models

In this video, I go in depth on how 3d artists and creatives can create passive income selling their digital art online.

I share my years of experience both running businesses and working as a 3D artist. I will give you some passive income ideas for how to take your digital art and convert it to a great selling online product. I take traditional business principles combined with digital content creation and distribution to bring you some killer passive income tips for 3d artists and creatives.

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JF Composition says:


Kide Howard says:

Awesome video man. Much appreciated especially recently where because of COVID we all have time to work more on our art. Really interesting tip on using Google Trends

Spiky Danto says:

I will literally love you if you make a maya 2020 beginner video/course.

Flávio Monteiro says:

Thank You Sir, very useful tips, not only for 3D models.

Jonathan Silochan says:

This is REALLY interesting. Would love to hear more like this

Bulittix says:

personally I wouldn't classify that as passive income because there's so much time involved in the making of a 3d model without actually getting paid and you make money only if the model is good and selling! of course the model could sell for a few years and you don't touch it after its done unless you make updates… that's my point of view on this… great video btw 👍

Dražen Jurić says:

very good explain..great video 👏

Angel Bunny says:

At this point I need any income, at all…

Astemir Zhilov says:


Tom says:

awesome video keep up the good content

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