Global Markets Negative, Ripple Partnership, Bitcoin Ethereum Link & Crypto Passive Income

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Abhi Sarkar says:

TMI, you could have still made 10 – 12% on your ADA since January. Not sure if you’re aware of the Shelly Incentivised Testnet.

cryptotalk Mahan says:

XUMM labs check it out

Ferhat Altincit says:

Its ripple partnership, not xrp.

ficko88 says:

A volatility squeeze is looming – up or down; that is the question …

R B says:

I'm heavily invested in vsystems… serious future, you'd be naive to overlook

Dr.B says:

I know what Vsystems is..

kimberly bovee says:

Down?? I'm not sure what country u r in or if u r a day ahead, but the dow was up almost 800 points as end of 4/8/20

HUmOUr DoT CoM says:

Since the year began chainlink is up 100%, wake up and smell the coffee this is a top asset.

rladeveze says:

20,000 xrp will be life changing in a couple of years. Lol

Unknown 0wl says:


Lord Wise says:

Bank of America has been a Ripple partner for longer than they are saying. Being that Berkshire Hathaway owns Bank of America……this is the connecting to Warren Buffet. See he owns Crypto and he knows Bitcoin isn't the one!

Fe Man says:

Maybe I should get XRP before it moons to 78 pennies.

Near Air says:

17:45 as far as I know wrapped BTC is already a thing on ETH. It goes through third party custodian though that locks your BTC away. They then turn around and give you some token that represents the value of your BTC and then you can use the various ETH defi apps.

I don't use it. Safer to just sell your BTC, buy ETH and then use the ETH DeFi apps….

moneymitch says:

Ron paul called this

Rosh Hashanah says:

Poor XRP folk going to be like Lloyd Christmas, "So you're telling me there's a chance?"

1 in a million.

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