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Want to know how 99.9% of The Rich got rich? Ever wondered what they actually do to become rich — like the details? Those who never learn this will most likely remain poor forever.


Shafip Please says:

King julian… i like to move it move it

Almighty One says:

Truly powerful! So glad I came across your channel! I am definitely very poor at the moment (hence the reason I use an avatar) been working in real estate and yes I find it boring as well. I know I'll make money at it. I can't wait to start putting this knowledge in action to be able to provide a better life for myself and my family and whoever else that may need help. Thank you once again! Blessings 🙏

João M. says:

Can I get there by continuing working at my government stable job and invest on bonds and stocks and funds?

David Barnes says:

Thank you!!!! Julian will you please stop doing that cause every one of your videos make me more and more further from average

Luuk Waterschoot says:

Ji Julian, Nice video man. Is one of your passive income streams a sponsorship with Taco Bell? ;P

Elie Nehme says:

I know I can repeat this video 1000 x without any permission but I would like to thank you for the opportunity that I will be viewing this video many many times.

David Madison The Guardian says:

Here's a way that I converted from Active to Passive Income for a very short period of time; but it goes to show you that it can be done with some creativity.

I was surfing Craigslist and other sites like Nextdoor, looking for free items that I could go pick up. I didn't yet have a pick up truck or even a vehicle of my own; but I had signed on with an organization that would allow me to rent a vehicle very inexpensively per hour and even per day. I was going to go pick up those free items; and then turn around and sell them.

Not a bad idea; but while I was looking through the ads posted by my nearby neighbors; I saw one from this woman who was looking to rent a massage chair for an event she was going to. She didn't have one of her own; and apparently didn't want to dish out the money it would take to get a new one.

Well, having a massage table and chair I couldn't use; because I wasn't yet licensed to practice; and didn't yet know how to privatize my practice using other sets of laws – I decided to immediately contact her.

We met; and after looking over my massage chair, we agreed on $25 per day over the weekend. She went to the event. Made a lot of money with the chair, paid me an EXTRA $5 for the use of the chair; and so in 3 days, after she came back, chair intact, I was handed $80.

This allows one to take something that they have, and turn around and use it as an ASSET, to create PASSIVE INCOME.

Now… I would never have thought of this idea, if I hadn't already been thinking in terms of using a pick up truck to make EARNED or ACTIVE income. And I got this idea from reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki – a book, that if you haven't read – I highly recommend you reading if you want to become wealthy. OR… you could get the cliff notes from Julian's other channel, 'Far From Average', where he does a book summary on it. In any case – having knowledge is VERY powerful; but you MUST APPLY that knowledge in order to get anywhere in life. So, make a practice of trying to IMMEDIATELY apply the knowledge you gain in these videos; and if you CAN'T immediately apply it; at LEAST brainstorm something like 20 ways you could incorporate this knowledge into creating wealth in your life over the next few months or so.

This one practice… where you IMMEDIATELY write down ideas which incorporate the knowledge that you have just learned… will net you UNTOLD RETURNS.

David Madison The Guardian says:

Great video. Glad you are doing more of them on this channel, now. I was super excited to find that out. Here's my own personal take on Passive Income:

EDIT: [ Laughing… guess I should have watched the whole video through, before stopping to make my comment. Because after I un paused and kept watching… you made my point I was making below. Although, I added some mental pictures of analogies that could help some people get what's being said in a different way. I liked how you talked about how at some point, your passive income streams will have an exponential return; and how that will NEVER happen when working solely for active income. Helped to inspire me even more toward developing my own passive streams of income, Julian. So, I appreciate it. ] END OF EDIT

There's another great reason that it's crucial to have passive income. To OFFSET PASSIVE EXPENSES… such as rent. RECURRING BILLS work like gravity. You must strive and struggle; but as soon as you stop, you begin moving backward toward being homeless and powerless and possibly dead. I know, because I've experienced this.

Think of passive income as ANTI-GRAVITY. And think of creating wealth as what happens AFTER you are able to NEUTRALIZE GRAVITY. Everyone will be different; because everyone has a different life style that they've become accustomed to.

To take the analogy further… If you were to go to the moon; which has, apparently, 1/6 the gravity of earth; it would take 1/6 the effort to neutralize gravity, or to balance out all your expenses so that you were completely even, or standing still financially, every month. However, if you went to Jupiter, you would experience weighing 200 TIMES what you do here on earth; and that means that you would have to find a way to exert 200 times the amount of effort; or create a method to deliver 200 times the amount of upward lift that you would here on earth.

I am very fortunate. I realize that I my monthly rent bill is not near what other people's are. This means that not only can I save much quicker than other people month after month; but that it won't take near the passive income that other people need, to break even and then to start becoming wealthy.

Now… one of these secrets will not necessarily make you rich; but when you learn to COMBINE them; they will begin to work in a kind of synergy. This is where the real power lies. And this is why I keep coming back to these kinds of channels. Because I want to constantly fuel up on the knowledge, wisdom and insight that makes people wealthy once applied consistently over time.

Markos P says:

yes but how? show us step by step… sometimes you talk i understand what you are saying but then i feel like i dont know where to start

Zeg0noid Pils says:

I don't like the bumpy-jumpy animations, i mean one okay but if all images jump around it kinda freaks me out… especially the first 4 mins of the vid 😀
Other than that the video explains passive income really good and draws the connection to business.

Aldo Ortiz says:

No lie that shit couldve inspired me but noooo

Aldo Ortiz says:

Brooo can you please stop deleting the videos from your other channel

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