Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 31]

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Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

Find someone who looks at you the same way the market looks at a 3.3M jobless claim report, they say
With the stock market's strange behavior lately, it's important to get nuff cash to catch those deals (falling knives?). Grab my freebies! 🔽
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guess what says:

@Cherry baby, haha!! I actually was on the fence about buying Boeing stock but the more I think about it the more I think I will. You may want to buy more too as a long term investor. The reason is that the stock went up when the 737 max came out. It was over $400/share. They are almost done fixing the 737 max issue and i really believe that Boeing stock will hit $600/share within a couple years. And the dividends will come back as well. Something to think about.

Michael says:

I agree the mini bounce back in my opinion is nothing, these are Bad times.. I'm out for now and will get back in when i see cheap prices. You will retire in comfort for sure its just a matter of time (me if i ever make Cherry money, I'll be found in Puerto Rico).. You know i like tsla but it should take some time as many will lose jobs and a new car can wait. Since you bought some tsla check out this video if you like just google- How Elon Musk Makes Money Out Of Thin Air (for Tesla, SpaceX & The Boring Company)-…. then when the video choices appear its the one that says printing billions for breakfast.. Cheers

Swing Trade Angel says:

Nice account! $$$ good luck with you trading looks like you started on the right time.

Health Wealth Happiness - Brendan says:

Thanks for the update! A long term perspective is so important. Nice video!

Think Money says:

for those thinking the market will bottom further, if they announce a treatment or vaccine for covid, say bye to these discounts

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