I SUPERCHARGED my Coin Pusher – A passive income RECORD

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Totally blew away my biggest coin pusher collection BY FAR and it’s during a national crisis! Click here http://harrys.com/investmentjoy to get your Start Set from Harry’s for $3!

For the most part, other than collecting sweet, delicious money the coin pusher is passive income since I only count the quarters for sweet, delicious youtube karma. While not everywhere & everyone could benefit from a coin pusher, I hope that you guys get the idea that you don’t need to be a robber baron to start a business or make money. If I can do it as a simple Kia-driving hillbilly from Southern Ohio, I’m SURE you could do it too.

If anything I hope that’s the takeaway you get from the channel far beyond quarter collections, quarter drop sounds, trailer park drama and such. It wasn’t that long ago that I was pretty well convinced that a guy like me couldn’t ever get into vending, owning a laundromat, real estate investing or any sort of investing and that I’d be eternally confined to a life of being broke and living in poverty.

I’d love it if you joined our discord, where I have one of the biggest finance/business channels online! https://discord.gg/myuPtHt

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I do post mini-updates on my Instagram at http://instagram.com/investmentjoy

If you’re curious what kind of equipment I use to make my videos, the whole list is at http://investmentjoy.com/brandons-equipment/ AND the security cameras I use at the trailer park & laundromat!


bd flavors says:

1870 quarters

Daniel Westervik says:

The big thing is: If I can do it growing up a poor hillbilly, you can do it too. Go out there followers

bashclassof04 says:

6000 plus for a full roaster

Dakoda says:

Lmao you put hand sanitizer and tolet paper

ChickenMedia says:

I’m gonna be real I think your not really getting any silver quarters like can’t really see any obvious ones

Almenfal says:

My guess was 3156, i guess I wasn't too far from 3459

Lucid_Waffles says:

There is at least one in there I think

L E says:

About 1,244 or so…i wish i had sum….in piggy bank

tburg says:

Probably like 7500 quarters

Veli Popov says:

That turkey pot probably was a bath tub you provided to one of your renters

Dee Michaels says:

“It takes time, sacrifice & education” True. Even the income streams that look easy & 100% passive, aren’t.

Rappican says:

some serious audio desync in the video.

Kyle Hess says:

Does anyone else get distracted by him looking at the selfie screen rather then into the lense?

ElDiablo Playz says:

3.5k quarters

Cole Barrett says:

I am guessing $550

SwatsRus says:

Reuses same quarters from touching dirty laundry for months ends up with 1000s peoples fecal matter on the quarters

Wild Bill says:

You need a pair of those yellow sneakers.

bassman4201000 says:

You enjoyed that count so much lol.

Sarah Lewis says:

$83 worth of quarters

davidv2002 says:

can’t y’all get one of those tilt sensors for the coin pusher

Owen Parker says:

If you really want to survive this pandemic, get yourself some damn rubber gloves!! There is NOTHING more likely covered in germs and lord knows what else than MONEY!! YIKES! LOL

Daniel bricks says:

99% of the comments- people talking about how many germs are on the coins.
1% of the comments- other 😂


Can’t you just count quarters by weight?

Kara Holden says:

I am at 1:05 I say 11536 quarters

adam Tesarz says:

I think 10,000

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