How to win the lottery, Every.Single.Time. – Extreme passive income

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Believe it or not, rather than most of you finding my channel from watching my little laundromat pulling quarters out, I ALMOST ended up in a very, very different point in life, likely producing videos on how I would be “Rigging” the game and making $$$ from the lotto along with my normal ways on how to make money.

This all because I nearly bought a convenience store next to one of my houses back in 2019. From my perspective, the effort/cost/time it takes to own your own gas station/convenience store/etc is much easier than throwing chance to the wind and gambling money away. Lottery (Generally) represents a tax on poor and people who can’t do math, when I really believe ANYONE can get educated enough to own their own business and make reliable, passive income money.

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Investment Joy says:

Sorry for audio lag after 4 minutes in till 6, there will be beatings over this, I promise.

Tea Extra Hot Please says:

350k without the building with maybe 410k

F B I says:

Gold plated scrotum

Kyle Shea says:

you're an inspiration my friend, keep doing what you're doing.

mark hall says:

I bet you say invest that money instead of buying the tickets right????

Alex Luthor says:

It all sounds like good advice till that guy you preached to lands his helicopter on your store

Ed says:

Mr White said meth pays well

Kippy S says:

We really like your videos. There is so much Raw productivety and mentorship in your words! Thank you!

Brooks Lawson says:

tl:dw: You don't. Clickbait. Unsubscribing, thanks.

Jim says:

My dad always told me "Lottery tickets are a tax for the poor and stupid."

Kevin Rupp says:

That's $100 you could have dumped in those dump apartments you posted awhile back ๐Ÿ˜‰

js Adventures says:

Coughs in hand. Gives away contaminated lottery tickets. Someone wins Coronavirus.

JonIsDizzy says:

Man everyone out here buying toilet paper but heโ€™s buying out our scratch offs haha

JW JW says:

Love the burned out house.

Blake Bondurant says:

$275,000 to buy the store.

JabberWocker says:

A lot of you think the message was not to buy lottery tickets. I found that the message was be the one that sells those lottery tickets :0

Ka Gg says:

How in the heck did nobody buy that place?!

funktatd Forcelle says:

What Were The Guys Up To In The Garage 6:57?

Floyd Looney says:

who is the camera person?

Ben says:

I felt like I was watching a movie while watching this lmao

D Smith says:

I believe the lottery ruined the small communities people used to donate to church Raffles and other nonprofit organizations to help their town.

Floyd Looney says:

I spend only a buck or two every few weeks on the lottery.

May the Schwarz be with you says:

Liked the guy at the end

Mike Hunt says:

I probably spend 150-200 a week on lottery tickets, because I enjoy it… However, I make well over 200k a year.

Rene Barrera says:

what happened to the house that you walked by with the fire damage? Spoonies or people of the rock? Electrical?

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