7 Passive Income Ideas: How I Make $12,000 A Month

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I share my 7 passive income sources, how much they pay and how I created them. Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull when you deposit $100 (valued up to $1400): https://act.webull.com/k/jhVLlzYmYwbm/main

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Many of you asked, so here it is. My 7 sources of passive income (#passiveincome) that make over $12,000 per month. I detail what they are, how I built them, how much they pay and more.

Sources include business, real estate, #stocks.

All amounts are in USD.

Passive income is an #investor’s dream!

I was a bit hesitant to disclose this information but I know when I younger I would have LOVED to see some REAL, TANGIBLE, ACTUAL passive income sources and learn how they were built. So I hope you guys enjoy, learn and find some inspiration.

This video is super meta. I’ve included examples of me generating passive income within the video itself, including multiple mid roll ads, a plug for Patreon, and mention of affiliate products/services.

As always, in this video I’m just sharing my thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep. 🐑

I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments. Do you have passive income? What are your sources? How did you build them? What do they pay?


Ivan Ivanov says:

My favorite video so far Steven. Keep up the great videos. I’d like to hear your opinion on the current economic situation and should I do something to prepare.
P.S. Can’t wait for you to make it to the States mate

Andrew Steel says:

Great video, thanks for putting yourself out there

Klaus Kaan says:

ad blockers are great mate 😀

Stop The Adds says:

Right after you got done talking about mid roll ads, I got a mid roll ad…

MartinThe3rd says:

I'm no YouTuber – but as I understand it's not quite as simple as you mention. Mainly, the YouTube algorithm will require you to keep uploading videos at a consistent rate for your older videos to show up in people's feeds. Even taking a month off will mean a big hit to the algorithm's willingness to push your content, which leads YouTubers to work relentlessly making content that can be uploaded while they are on vacation in order to serve the mighty algorithm. So in a sense, YouTubers are taken "hostage" by the algorithm, enslaving them into consistent uploading along with begging for "like/subscribe/hit the bell" and naming their videos with clickbaity capital letters. But hey, as long as you enjoy making the vids my man 🙂


Haha , is your favorite substance lsd? And what is your favourite watch/watchbrand ?
I've just been tripping on lsd myself about 20hrs ago ✌️

Real Truth says:

Steven, I wish I could have a good long talk with you. You are a pretty positive and cool guy. But sadly, you are not familiar with financial markets like this miserable 50 year old stock trader with a business degree. The market decline is triggered by the virus so you don't hate Wall Street. I can not list all the indicators and information in a comment. Recession started in September. Japan tried the same things and … plop went the markets. I just looked at a few stock charts where I covered my shorts thinking we would get a bounce. However, the selling pressure is intensifying as the market is still very high up for those that invested 10 years ago. Look at these long term weekly charts of stocks I have been short but stupidly took profits : OSTK .. W … CROX … so, I think CROX will survive but the other two are likely going to zero. My only regret in this decline is not taking all of my cash and going short. The rest I parked in GICS after cashing out on the last leg up. This is NO TIME TO BE A HERO … be patient my friend. We are likely going much lower.


Correct me if i am wrong please, but if i understood correctly on webull i have to just deposit 100 dollars to my account and i get free stock? Can i withdraw the money back out of my account or do i have to actually spend 100usd worth of stock for me to receive the free stock?

Spencer G says:

Congrats to you! But I’m sure you’re thinking about ways to offload some of those properties and put them in Tesla stock. $1m in assets for $100/month cash flow doesn’t make any sense.

Red Ridge Millwork says:

Hey Steven, thanks for the REAL goods on recurring income. I appreciate you opening the Kimono with your usual honesty and humour. It’s obvious you worked your butt off for a good long time before getting to this point, as you said … 3 times the income of 2015… I am perhaps most impressed with the fact that you were able to focus on a path and then implement, I’m sure with some adjustments along the way. I find the choosing a path the most challenging aspect because I’m interested in many different areas. I’m fortunate to have a solid expertise that allows me to make a very respectable income … but I am wondering lately if that fact may also be contributing to my lack of urgency to immerse myself into something new. If you have any insights into this I would respect your opinion. Nevertheless I appreciate the truly valuable content you put out there. All the best with your goals moving forward. Cheers. Greg

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