I Paid Fiverr to Make My Online Business Passive Income ($2,000/Month)

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I’ve talked about GigSharks.com a lot before I’m this channel, but today I’m going to show you everything.

How I built this website, used SEO to generate traffic, how I find companies to partner with and generate revenue, and how I’ve implemented systems and outsourced work to virtual assistants on Fiverr so that this business can generate passive income every month!


Darth Phaser says:

I just got back from getting totally screwed around by GrubHub for 3.5 hrs and made $35 on a Friday night. I have no idea what you're saying to me right now, dude.

beastumfan says:

Are you a genius? Maybe you should start a company?

Tony Collins says:

Yeah. I'm getting older. So is internet. Wish had a website called Tenner , Twenties fine, Fithty Would be nice. Seen too much of life with people working too cheap.

I working 7 days to clear debts.

Wish I could at least drive traffic to my YouTube website. So do you get traffic to YouTube from the gig sharks .,Websites. Show a few images as an end card of the gig sharks logo and a link.

Or is that wrong does traffic flow from YouTube to gig sharks or other way. 50 / 50.

So busy think I tried WordPress but gave up expect lack of traffic success.

Mitchell Dawkins says:

Salute Gig Nation and fellow citizens


Some advice bro take this out of YouTube video. N charge a price to teach how start a business. Like that if they steal your business your still getting a commission for teach them

Foodilium says:

Wow this is so detailed you’re awesome!

Jason LovesABR says:

Haven't seen many uploads lately man. Tax season sucks. Any chance on a video for it? Haha I still have to do mine! Btw, just got on with Dispatch yesterday and I had another Sherwin Williams drop off. Pretty decent pay. Very similar to Roadie.

Tyler Winter says:

awesome video my guy

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