AMAZING Laundromat money collection! Highest passive income EVER!

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NEARLY DOUBLE my highest amount ever! People must want to be clean (Or something right?) Click here to get your Start Set from Harry’s for $3!

I nearly doubled my highest collection ever through my fun laundromat passive income source / side hustle. If you remember, this is the same laundromat I bought last July for $0 out of pocket, so the money-making-journey has been pretty wild, especially with Youtube blowing up for me.

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If you’re curious what kind of equipment I use to make my videos, the whole list is at AND the security cameras I use at the trailer park & laundromat!


Investment Joy says:

Click here to get your Start Set from Harry's for $3!

Carl Thomas says:

What is your mic setup?

geoker55 says:

Seriously, not to freak anyone out, but wear gloves when handling money like that… not just because of the virus freakout but money is very dirty… whenever I use my coin rolling machine, my fingers get almost black. I started using gloves a few years back.

Monserrate Pagan Jr says:

you ad said $3 the web site says 8

Patrick says:

Wait! A hamilton bill stacker for $34? It is more like $250 used, right? Do you have a magic source?

Patrick says:

Two quarter exchangers?

SmashLike says:

Pause at 9:33 heโ€™s bald lol

Cdogvlog 55 says:

I wish that those lime scooters would just take coins. Every time I try and install a new app on my phone it says I don't have space.

BigSam Films says:

Shoe nice ๐Ÿ‘

Ed says:

why dont ya buy a NEW coin counter and some more buckets? huh huh ? oh and a CHAIR . buy a coinstar machine and have them quarters counted in seconds

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