Earning $100/Month Passive Income Dividend Portfolio 2020

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Sergio Benitez says:

Exxon is done man

kenny omega says:

i might get webull or m1 finance for a roth ira because the one i have with td bank has a yearly limit of $7000 and i want to add more stocks but limited.only think i dont like about iras is the limit of money you can put in yearly.but the good is tax free

kenny omega says:

cci ex dividend is 3 12 2020 so get one or more today zm and amd is no dividends but growth companies and doing good

bbwwe17 says:

Bruce wang !!!!

kenny omega says:

try cci and zoom zm is abbreviation.cci own over 40,000 towers in usa for cellphones and into 5g and zoom is video conference company and streaming that apple and android uses.they been doing good the last 2 weeks.people cant travel so zoom is being used alot for family friends and businesses

Benjie says:

Good update brother! Im not selling either! Only BUYING 🙂

Redding Investments says:

Dont sell buy more if your under 30 yrs old 🤑🤑

TG5879 says:

Well I added to soon, it's obvious now. Oops. Live and learn.

Joe G says:

started investing after watching your videos and currently making about $15 a year in dividends. Not a lot, but working on it! Thanks for the motivation.

SmashKing17 says:

Crash is not done massive 1year recession could hit soon. It seems like the time to buy but it's so nerve racking

LosBeOnIt says:

Love your content and you motivated me to do dividend investing. Just start investing 2months ago and I’m already getting $32 on monthly dividends. Looking forward to more videos from u in the future.

Sean says:

Move your money from that Crap platform Robinhood.

Sean says:

PSEC's dividends are like you putting in 2 Gs a week. You cant keep it up and neither can PSEC keep up its dividend.

EL L says:

Cambodia's Warren Buffet is back and he's chasing yield babyyyyyyyy!

Money is Freedom says:

Oil war will end one day and oil prices will get back up so oil companies are also a great opportunity 🙂

QSK Productions says:

I'm doing 1.15 a month

Deon B says:

Nicee congrats!!

Evans Raymond says:

At 1:51, your audio isn’t synced with the video. All n all great video, hopefully I’ll hit that mark within the year

Omg Beast mode says:

Bro,I don’t think the stock market done crashing yet

Mike Tha Investor says:

Those Dividends are growing like wildfire Brue Wannng. Good stuff man, stay safe!

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