7 Passive Income Ideas for Creators – How I Earn $100 Per Day

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Here are 7 passive income ideas for content creators that are working right now in 2020. One of the things I concentrate on is learning how to make my online income as passive as possible. This is how I make $90-$100 per day from video.

Tube Buddy – https://www.tubebuddy.com/TheLifeOfJord

Rizzle – http://bit.ly/RizzleJord

Stock Footage:
BLACKBOX – http://bit.ly/2P64eHn

→ Get $30 free Airbnb credit – http://bit.ly/JordAirBnB
→ Try Audible and get a free audiobook – https://www.travelcontinuously.com/AudibleFree
→ Where I get most of my music (30 day free trial) – http://bit.ly/2H8jFaz
→ Another great music site (30 day free trial) – http://bit.ly/342Acbo
→ Where I get my travel insurance – http://bit.ly/2Jj0PUm

Other Video Sites:
HIDEOUT – https://hideout.tv/
LBRY – http://bit.ly/2PoNbz7
DTUBE – https://d.tube/
FIREWORK – https://fireworktv.com/for-creators

Licensing Clips:
NEWSFLARE – https://invite.newsflare.com/thelifeofjord
JUKIN – https://www.jukinmedia.com
STORYFUL – https://storyful.com/licensing/

I tried to be completely open in this video and show you all the ways I am making a passive income from video right now. This does not include sponsorships, branded videos or any other client work. Here are the exact figures from each method mentioned in the video:

Passive Income Past 90 Days:

YouTube Adsense:
$4670 / 90 = 51.88

– Epidemic: $842 / 90 = 9.35
– Amazon: $36.38 / 90 = 0.40
– Safety wing: $23.23 / 90 = 0.26
– Premiere Pro: $72.97 / 90 = 0.81

Stock Footage:
– Blackbox: $842.55 / 90 = 9.36

– Future Today: $662.26 / 90 = $7.35
– Glewed: $110.80 / 90 = $1.22

Other sites:
– Firework: $300 / 90 = $3.33
– Hideout: $266.79 / 90 = $2.96
– Rizzle – $3 so far

Crypto Social Media:
– Tough to estimate – not including it in the calculation

– Caters $58.18
– Blog link $25
– Storyful $48.42
Total – $131.60 / 90 = $1.46

= $7958.58 / 90 days = $88.42 per day

Check out my channel on Rumbl (they’re having a contest for budding journalists and you can win up to $1000) – http://bit.ly/RizzleJord

You can also find me on:

My blog – http://www.travelcontinuously.com

Email for business only – business@lifeofjord.com

Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. That’s why I am now running this video blog showing you how I travel the world continuously.

if you made it this far then let me know in the comments below!


TheLifeOfJord says:

Thanks for watching everyone! I hope this helps some of you that are thinking of becoming content creators or that are currently doing it.
If you're interested in learning more, I will be doing a free training here – https://www.travelcontinuously.com/earlyaccess


Nice video. Love it

Midhun Paynoor says:

Love from Kerala… Pls come back to india 🇮🇳

Zachary Laid Finding Freedom says:

My favorite way of earning passive income is collecting dividends.

Nightwing says:

Jesus Christ Daniel!
This is a BIG help.

Brian Berlin says:

Love your Videos. I follow you on there and Twitter. I have learn alot. Thank you Jord

NizR says:

jeez i can't believe u made that much from adsense, im looking at your average views..
not sure if it already in the video bcs i didn't watch full of it, too long.. anyway u should try selling stock footage on site like adobe stock, adobe stock is exploding in 2020, as a traveler how many interesting footage u can have, i made almost $100 a day there selling graphic asset ( video earn way more ).

Jalan2 yuuk says:

Love your passive income ideas video. Thanks for the great info

Lee Colburn says:

Maaan this channel used to all be about travel. Now it’s just money money money.

Ignacio Arreses says:

Bro request the beta in


the new social media created by dan larimer ! good luck there bro

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