How To Create PASSIVE INCOME with Property Investing | Winners on a Wednesday #70

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I catch up with Katy to talk about how her 20 year journey in property. She was able to add 4 more HMO’s to her portfolio which doubled her income after going through my training. As she thinks about getting into BRR deals, we discuss how she balances her work with running her portfolio.

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Matt Galvin says:

Bought your book 2 months ago. Still not been delivered and your company has stopped replying to my emails when I asked for a refund. Not about the money it’s the principal

Alan Butler says:

So basically she was doing the right thing for years and the Met this joker!

Scott Oxley says:

I’ve got just about 3k in savings, I owe £100000 on a £250000 home. I also have £300000 in a pension that will be worth close to £500000 by time I’m 55. I’m just struggling to raise £25000 to by my first buy to let, any advice ?

FH Enterprise says:

Hi guys subscribe to my channel and see how I make passive income in England

1fFrances m says:

Question pls!
Hi Samuel thanks for all your videos! What are the cons of doing a Rent to HMO in a flat?
This is my very 1st one should I go for it or look out for HMO houses?

BrightSideFX says:

Where can we find you on facebook?

andrea harber says:

Well done great video and just shows how much you can progress when you know what you are doing well done Katy 👍🙂

Jayyy Jay says:

buying a property under a company you can claim back expense but does stamp duty be same or more?

Stephen Gebbie says:

What is her facebook page?

Marsha Reid says:

Great video Samuel. I sent you an email via the office. I was told that they passed it on to you. Have you decided yet?

iamvalsky says:

Hi Samuel, I’m starting my journey as property investor and I got the money to start , but I was wondering what you suggest me – to start as normal person or to create some LLC or whatever. Thanks


A Robert WHO? book 📚???

420 420 says:

I love the vids but my only problem is i havent got 11k for a 12 month course or 14k if pay monthly… apart from that great.

Spray says:

Samuel Leeds has inspired me so much that i'm starting to save money at the age of 16 so when i am 18 i will be able to buy a properties and then flip them. I love watching your videos keep the work up. ( :

Meg Caldwell Fitness says:

What a lovely lady! Do you offer any online courses? I’m based in Australia!

Jackie A says:

great interview

Callum Gallagher says:

Another good video

Jason Smith says:

top stuff as always, love it Samuel, keep inspiring mate

Japanimated says:

I'm in Canada…I want to join but I think its only for UK

Trap Country says:

Excellent video. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

BattlingPhoenix says:


Amazing Gamer says:

Amazing video Samuel 👍👍

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