How to Make Passive Income with ONLY $1,000

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How to Make Passive Income with ONLY $1,000

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Oh the ole famous two words everyone wants… Passive Income. See, there is a thought out there that passive income means money you don’t have to work for and that could not be farther from the truth.

In today’s video I am going over a few ways that you can start making passive income TODAY with only $1,000. Now this isn’t going to let you quit your job and move to Aruba (although I wish I had those answers). But this will at least get you on the right track to start earning passive income right now and trust me, once you are bit by the bug it is hard to stop trying to earn more. So enjoy!

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only.


Richard Bott Slots says:

Great video..very interesting…I'm already investing in dividends and started a YouTube channel..still have to try the affiliate links…as soon as as I figure out how to put them in the descriptions…lol..Thanks again…

Wolf of Ives says:

That first $100/month is always the sweetest….. I woke up to my portfolio this morning and told it Happy Valentines day😂😭😂

Lamond B says:

I love number 4

From military to millionaire says:

Well done brother, and I couldnt agree more with investing in yourself!!!

adiefender says:

To start off 2020, I started dividend investing. initial investment of $250 and already have dividend payout of $0.39. Already setup weekly auto transfers to M1 and have auto invest turned on. sooo wish I would have started this years ago, but hay… better late than never!!

Paul Harsh says:

What about close end equity funds? Like GAIN? Would like more information on these types of investments

krishten davidson says:

Hey jj, so what stocks would you recommend investing in with the initial thousand? Btw amazing videos! Keep up the work!

Think Money says:

I love dividend income, nothing makes me happier than seeing my dividend notifications in the morning!

Cheers! 🍺

Mr. Dividend Investor says:

REITs are great and I have alot of them in my portfolio! I enjoyed your video! keep up the good work!

ProjectSadface says:

best videos Big beard great beer awesome advice what else do you need? love your videos dude keep it up!

Alex Weberg says:

Good video for when that tax check comes in. I'm already planning on putting a good amount of it into building up my positions in my stocks. But I'll have to check out that bank you recommended. I've had a savings account with Chase but we both know it doesn't have the best when it comes to savings. But overall besides that it's been great.

Quest to FIRE says:

3 videos in a week?! Is it my bday?!! 😃 Awesome stuff JJ! 🔥👏🏻👏🏻

Alex Daigle says:

I use citizens access 1.85 apy that compounds daily

Dylan Owens says:

So this is just my second video I watched and I really enjoyed this video you connected w me as a YouTuber should I recently started my own YouTube and I definitely wanna follow u just to learn some of your skills in terms of connecting w viewers

George Rodriguez says:

I'm close to 20 bucks a month now

Blake Fenters says:

Just started investing in stocks AND started up my YouTube more consistently. Time to hustle and get this money while I sleep

Investing Engineered says:

Great ways to make passive income 👍

Everyone NEEDS to have a high interest savings account. No excuses.

Avery Williamson says:

Absolutely loved what you said about taking a break. So so so necessary to personal growth and keeping the mind sharp. Great vid!

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