ATM Passive income VS JOB | Passive income

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Passive VS a job! Let me tell you, ive done both and i highly recommend the PASSIVE side! Let me know what you guys would like to see in future videos !!

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The Combat Realtor says:

Brooo! Good shit! Check your DMs! Tryna see where my atm is! I’m super pumped!

Jo joeljoel says:

Another great video Lewis; is the lending credit or deal(the atm location contract/deal) based ? I'm brutally limited by cash and can't scale because of this! DMed you about selling my other location to one of your investors so I can get more cash and scale up but it's almost impossible to get in touch with you which is understandable you're a super busy man! Hopefully we can do something perhaps mutually beneficial, i'm in MA. Good work, keep going!

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