I Got 46 PAYCHECKS from Robinhood! Dividend Investing Passive Income!

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► I Got 46 PAYCHECKS from Robinhood! Dividend Investing Passive Income!

In today’s video we take a look at my entire Robinhood app portfolio. We go over where my Dividends stock portfolio is sitting at, then we take a look at how much I have made from ALL the Dividends up until this point. Thanks for watching! Please LIKE and SUBCRIBE!

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heman Reddi says:

Nice Portfolio but You put more into Real estate, You could have distributed among all the sectors

Berg’s Corner says:

Awesome!! Paid to sleep

Ryan Murphy says:

I’m 19 and been investing for about 11 months now and just posted a portfolio overview. I would greatly appreciate if any of you could subscribe, like or leave a comment on what you think of my portfolio.

Passive Income Tom says:

Nice thumbnail Benjie! 👍

MICHAEL DERISO - 0 to Infinity says:

It’s amazing how we can constantly learn and perfect our investment strategies as time goes by! In regards to your 40 holdings, you mentioned you want to stay around that number. What metrics do you focus on when choosing to allocate more money into your dividend portfolio? How do you you choose which company to build a higher position in? Curious to hear your thoughts 🤔

Your portfolio sure is building. Love the lambo – it’s on my list!

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