How To Generate Passive And Portfolio Income | Bangla Business Tutorial | JuboRaz

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How To Generate Passive And Portfolio Income | Bangla Business Tutorial | JuboRaz
How To Generate Passive And Portfolio Income | Bangla Business Tutorial | JuboRaz

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How To Generate Passive And Portfolio Income?

You Can earn passive and portfolio income from Your Existing Business or Upcoming Business. Let’s get acquainted with some sources of passive and portfolio income.

If you have any business & which has good market reputation then you can Franchise it. It’s an Agreement. Another Company use your brand You can get from your
Franchising Partner Royalty, Commission, Profit Share etc. Example

Tony Roma’s
Mr. Tony Roma, started business in North America, Florida in 1972 in the USA. Currently there are more than 150 restaurants in six continents.
Master Franchise Food Chain Asia Ltd. With this, the company started its journey in Bangladesh in July 2018 through a franchising agreement

Pizza Inn
In 1958 American Texas’s two brothers R. L. Spillman and Joe Spillman established the Pizza Inn. Currently there are more than 300 restaurants
in 11 countries including Pizza Inn. The franchising agreement with Bangladesh’s Mohammed Foods and Allied Pvt Ltd is in 2009.

More Franchising company: Burger King, Pizza Hut, Johnny Rockets etc.

Rent Property
One of the most popular means of generating passive income is rent property. There must be positive cash flow in the rent proprietory.Example:
House rent, Hotel, Machineries etc.

B2B contract
business-to-business B2B contract. If your company has a customer who will receive a product or service from Regular for a specific period through contract.
Conveniences: Fixed Regular Customer, Aquarian New Customer

Example: Wholesaler: Maximum Wholesaler Doing. Security Company: G4S, Orion etc. Cleaning company: White Window Ltd, Property Care Services Bangladesh etc.

Membership based business
You can apply a membership plan for your business. One of the biggest business strategies to keep the customer for long time.
Advantages: Stable Cash Flow, Lower Marketing Costs, Fast, Direct Feedback from Members etc.

Website, Blog, YouTube Video
You can see a lot of advertisements in websites, blogs and youtube videos. These may be a source of your passive income. You just have to add a
Google AdSense Add to Website, Blog or YouTube video by making a hard hit. Traffic I mean Viewer will click on the Advertisement as long as you
have to be Income Generate.

Software and Mobile App building
You can create any software or Apple and Android mobile application which can be used to earn money through repeated resale
Example: Kaspersky, You must buy antivirus once and every year to renew it. For many mobile applications, 2 parts of the same application are available
Free and Paid, you can sell Paid applications to become passive income source.

Photo and Design sale
If you like to take good pictures or love to design, then there are many marketplaces online where you can earn your pictures or designs by earning them.
Every time they are sold from the market, money is coming to your account
Example: Shutterstock, Already paid 500 million dollars, contributed to their contributor. More marketplaces Shutterfly, Fotolia, iStockPhoto

Affiliate Marketing
You can earn a commission basis by marketing the product of any other company online. At first you have to do a little bit of trouble then you can
earn money for a long time. For Affiliate Marketing, you must have a good idea about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Article writing, Online Marketing.
However, you can take some tasks to outsource

Example: Amazon is a Giant company, Amazon has more than 353 million products, and they provide Affiliate Link for their product. More market ebay, Click Bank etc.
Bangladeshi Affiliate Company: Here are some companies, affiliate link providers such as Branoo, Bangla Shoppers etc., Really It’s very good sign for our country.

Multi-level marketing (MLM)
is known as Pyramid selling, Network marketing and Referral marketing. Basically this is a popular Marketing Strategy.
The more people buy your reference, the more you will be able to generate income.

Convenience: Non-salaried workforce (no one is required to pay salaries), Low Operating Costs Small amount of risk (I mean low risk)
Example: Sadhin Online Public Limited, World Mission 21 Limited

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