Make $562.01 Monthly Passive Income in 2020

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Showing my monthly passive income from one source in 2020 and yes you guessed it!

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AJ Rantz says:

Just Get Started!! Great stuff, get recording!!

toddvandell85 says:

Long time no comment from me.
Sorry about that.
I need to be honest:
really loving this new, toned down, far less caffeinated Bill Stenzel.
Much more conversational, and, as you yourself noted, you like having a conversation with us.
Or, me, in this case.
Since I was the 2nd person to view this video, and the very first to hit the Like button.
But who's counting, right?
But I really like the new video format.
Mellower Bill really works nicely.
I like that we can see your microphone set up too.
The whole thing just works.
I like that you seem far more focused, too.
It's less about high energy hype.
It's that you have some great content, and you're going to share that with us, friend to friend.
Liked that you kinda stood in the corner of the screen, and didn't do all the tricky transitions when you put stuff on screen, too.
Everything about the new you is wonderful.
I loved it.
Nice also to see you almost midweek, too, rather than just on Saturdays.
Having said all that, this wouldn't be a true or complete Todd comment without a smidge of constructive criticism.
He's selling license plate frames online.
Most license plates, except maybe the plastic kind for kid's bikes, are made in our prisons.
Those plates don't typically sell on Amazon.
DMV/MVD (We Arizonans call it Motor Vehicle Division, rather than Department of Motor Vehicles, as most states like my home state, and yours, California call it) sells license plates.
Can't say I've seen them on Amazon.
What you were pointing to were plastic frames that go around the actual license plates themselves.
I know.
Minor nitpick.
It wouldn't be a true Todd comment if there wasn't at least one.
As for why or how Shelby is doing so well?
This will probably sound sexist, and I apologize for that, and don't mean for it to, but, she's an attractive female.
That's pretty much it.
I've checked out several YouTube channels over the years.
If an attractive woman hosts the channel?
I subscribe.
Unless it's something I'm not interested in.
No YouTube algorithm needed there.
Pretty girls hosting YouTube channels just tend to generate lots more subscribers in general.
Just my random observation.
Plus, Shelby speaks well, and spoke loudly enough to be heard, the little of her that you shared.
Nothing wrong with a pretty woman capitalizing on her attractiveness.
And truthfully?
Where better than YouTube, where almost anyone can be a star in an instant.
And if being photogenic or camera-ready is a crime, there are a lot of female news anchors who should be under arrest.
Not to forget those attractive female meteorologists, or traffic reporters.
You're a Californian, Bill.
Land of beautiful women.
Vast oceans of them there.
I'd be surprised if any of that was lost on you.😉
(It does amaze me the number of women who host YouTube channels but then speak very quietly, almost in a whisper; every time I'm like: "speak up. We need to be able to hear you.")
And it didn't even feel like 15 minutes long.🙂🙂🙂
(First Like.
First comment, too.)

Kobe A says:

What’s up Stenzel

GomeowCreations says:

Well this is good info but this does take a lot of time and work to make any money from Youtube. Just now after 4 years of being on Youtube making a good amount of income and this only started up 4 months ago. 😅

If anyone wanted to get into this just make sure it is something you like doing and a have a passion for because you are going to have to enjoy doing it for free for some time and if your are having fun with it, it will not feel as bad when the times are slow.

I started with a cheap $8 tripod, my phone and about $200 in tools, so you can make something happen from just about nothing. Also I don't like being on camera so in all of my videos all you see are my hands and people actually like that the videos are not just about me. I know this style will not work for everyone but it's just another idea. I think the first half of my videos… I didn't talk asIi was shooting them and did the voice work as I was editing the video so I could retake the lines over and over again tell I liked how it sounded.

Sorry about the long comment, I just want to leave a little info for people that are looking for it.

Also hi Bill 🙋‍♂️

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