How I Built 5 Income Sources That Make $42,407 Per Month

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In this video, I will share five income sources that earn $40,000+ per month of profit. As I stated in the video, I believe that this will be my last “income report” on this channel. We will continue to provide 1-2 videos per week on topics such as personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle videos as well. The majority of these revenue streams could be considered passive income sources.

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.


FindTraction says:

commenting for the YouTube algorithm 🙂

Darien Routliffe says:

Hey nate, do you answer insta dms?

The Money Resolution says:

I hope you keep making these Nate! Great insights for creators looking to monetize. Idea – break down what % of your revenue comes from where instead of actuals. Love the channel!

saaaaauce says:

You keep saying "on this channel"… Do you have another channel???

JRS says:

Dissing Mr Beast?? 4:18 😂

Hook Me Up Ken says:

You're doing awesome! Keep up the good work people like to hear income updates it gives them an idea of the possibilities for themselves but of course that is up to you whether you are comfortable about giving that information or not.

You give good quality content and it shows in your subscribers:)

Do you plan on investing in real estate also?

God bless!

"May you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers"
( 3 John 2 )


Yep, CPM will vary a lot depending on your types/industries of videos and also ads on certain holidays get crazy CPM like Christmas or Mother's Day surprisingly. My YouTube channel is basically a warehouse of old videos and people laugh at me people I look like I get only single views per video, but a lot of people are just watching my old videos and a lot of the times it's like 5% of my videos that's making like 99% of my revenue haha.

Ryleigh Taylor says:

I love your financial updates. Keeps me motivated and lets us celebrate you! I know you don’t like to flex but you are an inspiration, keep showing us the results of the things you teach:)

Leah Nadeau says:

6:15 lmao heh heh heh… >_>

Alondra Jacobo says:

I subscribed just for the minimalist videos! 😀

Austen Murphy says:

Yay! I hope you're doing well! I hope to make good money even though I work at Food Lion right now. They did however start me about $1.25 above minimum wage which is good for a start. But I'm trying to find more ways to make more money while working at food lion. I still need to save up for a car because it's a big hassle not being able to get to work. Thanks for being in our lives!!

Charles Ahweyevu says:

Where is the spark notes for this video

Investing Engineered says:

You're absolutely right. Companies will continue piling SO much money into YouTube ads and Google ads in the future.

Guaranteed, YouTubers will be making much more in the next 5 years than they are today!

gavin t gardner says:

The past few episodes I see are about how much you make money. You do you bro. I am now unsubscribed.

A .L.L. says:

Is buying a CD for my kids at 1.74 % 12 month earning, worth buying? I don't know how much taxes are if its worth it after paying taxes?

GameProdigy_ says:

Basically YouTube

Hamza Khan says:

Hey Nate! What mic do you use and what software do you use to edit your voice?

T C says:

What’s wrong with Shopify dropshipping?

Kyro Vlogz says:

Commenting for the YouTube algorithm 😉

Investing Education says:

Nice job. I am at abt $3000 p/m passive income. Exploring other ways to get it higher

o l says:

Lol the start of the video was really funny

guessowii says:

Thanks for your honesty nate.
Honest nate

Marquis Patterson says:

Amazing. Keep up the great work Nate.

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