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Semen Retention is probably the best lifehack you can do in order for you to “attract” money into your life. It aligns you with the universe in such a way as to set everything in motion for your benefit. It’s a powerful practice! Good luck!


Emotional stability to take action consistently every day – over a looooooong period of time – is the real key to success, and it’s my specialty! Hire me as a coach, with weekly coaching sessions on Skype to get you superspeeding in the direction of your goals! Write me an email on JOSEPH@HIGHVALUE.NO for availability. Limited spots, obviously. 😀

On this channel, I focus on providing you with both real-world and high-level experience about Seed Retention, Business, Relationships, and much more. Subscribe to get regular pieces on how to become the man you truly were meant to be!

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Sahr Yoga says:

Another great video Joseph!
I loved how you highlighted all the things that can hold you back from success, including school & religious institutions.🤔👍🏾😃

431 says:

My man can you change ur yt username ? Because when i search you i dont find you

ირაკლი ციციშვილი says:

I just loved this video . I felt touched it was really inspiring and thank you so much for this video . I am sincerely thankfull .

Richi Pa says:

why ur subscribers is so less???

Khoa Nguyen says:

i don't know where to find coaches

LouisRebooted says:

So much powerful info in one video!

Noor Alam jihadi says:

Yes You are true .Semen retention is the foundation for any success it may be material or spiritual.

Archie Ferguson says:

Can u send your body in shock mode if u feel you’re about to come & you don’t when having sex ?

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