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Today I’m giving an update on the ten companies I know of that have done dividend raises over the past few weeks. This may be useful for folks who are looking to invest in companies with increasing dividends to invest in in order to increase their monthly passive income via dividend investing. I also touch a little bit on the overview of the portfolio and the dividend income I should be receiving in the next 12 months from my dividend investing portfolio. I mention which of these stocks are currently owned in the dividend investing portfolio and by how much these dividend raises will actually impact my dividend income throughout 2020.

Keep in mind I also have investments that come from M1 Finance, fidelity investments, fundrise and cardone capital. At the moment, the dividend investing portfolio has just over $400,000 a multitude of dividend paying positions, and pays approximately $11,900 in dividend income. The entire portfolio is a good diversification into other stocks and financial institutions. 2019 pulled in just under $9000 in dividend income and over $10,600 in passive income if you include YouTube Income. Investing has picked up over the past few years, but I believe dividend investing 2020 is the way to go.

Initially I kick off the video by going through my dividend portfolio overview and how the portfolio has been impacted by the coronavirus, which required me adding a lot of money into the portfolio into dividend stock to offset the losses and increase overall passive income of the dividend investing portfolio. That said, I prefer the dividends coming that provide the passive income rather than the capital gains in the portfolio, but it is nice to have a nest egg in the stock market in case I need to allocate capital to anything like real estate or what not in 2020.

I also touch on a few) dividend increases. MAIN and WFC are one of my all time favorite dividend stocks 2020. They allow you to have the stocks I use to get monthly dividend payments. It is one of the best dividend stocks I know of, especially if you want those 2020 dividends.

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R4ym1n says:

Just bought your tracker spread sheet its great. I own XOM. Would love to hear your expert petro chemical analyses go deeper into the energy sector receiving armageddon news lately on a future video. RDS and BP have already begun the transition slowly to clean/renewable sources and the other supermajors will follow in time, they have to they are not stupid ! But not everyone will buy a EV and planes, trains, ships, submarines, machinery equipment, our entire energy infrastructure still use fossil fuels. This transition will take decades

Dividend Growth Investing - Wyatt Portfolio Films says:

Nice info. I plan to buy most of these. Appreciate the research. 👍

Passive Income Investor says:

Best natural energy company is NPI, monthly dividends incredible growth for a canadian stock!

Robert Barry says:

What is your current opinion on high paying dividend stocks in energy sector like XOM, OXY, BP, RDSB, and BBL. This sector looks like it may have a long term potential at current prices.

Robin Haney says:

Thanks for the video Matt, Good stuff!

MacGyver Mutual Fund says:

Thanks for the video Matt. I own O, ABBV and MMM. Haven't jumped into any energy/oil stocks yet, but appreciate your perspective on that sector as I may add one or two soon.

JMac Investing - Dividend Growth says:

So close to that $1k per month!!!

All Good says:

Thank you for keeping us updated to the most loved dividend stocks. I am heavily invested in energy stocks etf and losing LOL. My investment in energy is a sunk cost, at least good dividends are a consolation. ❤️👍

MINDS in Motion says:

Realty income just became an aristocrat stock.

MINDS in Motion says:

ABBV hit 52 week highs today

MINDS in Motion says:

With 3M long history of increasing and paying their dividend they deserve to have a smaller increase.

Clayton's Cash 89 says:

I was curious especially with a dividend like BP. With more and more companies putting resources into sources that will eliminate the use of oils, do you fear in the next decade stocks like these and Exxon will drop and be forced to lower their dividends? I am bullish on stocks like this for that reason but may simply be in my own head about it.

Quest to FIRE says:

Thanks for keeping us informed! I’ve got a few of these. 👍🏻🔥🔥

Tubi says:

I love ABBV! It just went up a ton too after reporting strong earnings! Not gonna be under $100 for much longer!

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