My 6 Figure Dividend Stock Portfolio – Profit Taking For Passive Income

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Today in the $149,000 dividend stock portfolio I purchased a new stock with my Tesla profit!
Will also break down my dividends and passive income sources continuing my financial Independence retire early journey!

My stock portfolio continues to hit all time highs as I ease into investing in 2020 I am still trying to find those high quality s&p500 stocks!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Quest to FIRE says:

Nice! I like Facebook. Use them everyday!

Tubi says:

I was able to start positions in FB, AAPL, and V during the pull back last Friday! Super pumped!

MINDS in Motion says:

I like Facebook as well. I think that was a good choice!

MINDS in Motion says:

Do you forex trade?

Treedom Finance says:

Nice video! have you ever considered adding Iron Mountain ($IRM) to your portfolio its at a great value right now with a fat dividend

Passive Income Tom says:

Nice! I like the bag on your cover. 💰

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