3 Monthly Robinhood Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

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In today’s video we are going over 3 monthly dividend stocks you can buy in Robinhood for truly passive income. These are all dividend stocks or ETF’s that pay a dividend to you every single month! Some people like monthly paying dividend stocks for the true fact that you can have an income every single month but in the video I talk about another way you can have monthly dividend income without having to purchase monthly dividend stocks if that is not your cup of tea (or cup of Natty Light 😉).

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The Real Bearded Businessman says:

Another great video JJ! You hit one on my watch list, O, so that was pretty cool to see. But one that I have been long in is APLE. Another REIT, Hotels I believe. Worth researching if you're looking for monthly payouts.

Katherine Earthman says:

Why ltc over ventas?

Investment Guru says:

2:55 bet it's SPHD, my guess for the other ones are O and MAIN.

Edit: lol 1/3 ain't bad right?

Sunil S. says:

SPHD is another ETF that pays monthly.

Sunil S. says:

I'm not a fan of these monthly dividend stocks, I tried it but receiving a few dollars is kind of meh. I rather get a $15 dividend quarterly than let's say $5 monthly. That's why I'm not mad about Disney being biannually. Just my thoughts.

Adam Tatusko says:

7:16 Correction: $200,000+/year income requirement, not $250,000+/year, for accredited investors.

Hungry Being says:

Mutual fund dividends just hit different. I need to do a vid on my portfolio on my channel

Braden Sky says:

Hey JJ! I found your channel recently and I love your content. I’m also on the journey to financial freedom and I’m planning to make videos similar to some of yours. I’m less interested in retiring early though, more interested in having the option to retire early. But I love your lighting! What setup do you use? Do you have an affiliate link for it?

Stiffarm Stallone says:

Love dividends. How's the t-shirt sales doing?

TrapZero says:

I own all three 😁

J M says:

Hey JJ, I've been following you for a while and enjoy your transparency and perspective!
I have a question about dividend stocks: If you are planning to reinvest the dividends back into your portfolio, why the preference towards dividend stocks? Wouldn't a stock that reinvests the percentage back into the stock instead of paying the dividend be just as good for long term growth? An example: Company X has a $100 stock price and instead of giving a $2 dividend each year, it reinvests the $2 to become valued at $102 instead of the original $100 (assuming the market is flat).

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