Passive Income for 2020: Earn $77 a Day (7 Ways)

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Passive Income in 2020! We all need a little extra cash and in this video I’m going to show you 7 ways to do it!

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Domenic Barabas says:

Sell a course on udemy, make a YouTube channel on what your passionate about, pay someone to go to Good Will and bring a clicker and every time it beeps keep the item and sell it for more. These are all easy examples of passive income stated in the video I’m going to get a clicker and go to Good Will

TEACHucation says:

Awesome video with lots of great ideas… thank you ! You have really inspired me to take action for myself!

Michael Kazaryants says:

Start by selling a course on udemy.

Ashley Bean says:

start by selling and writing ebooks

Racheal Chung says:

Selling a course on udemy is a way to start passive income

Harrison Dargahi says:

Sell a course on Udemy to start off

Jackson Rehfeld says:

start by selling a course on Udemy.

Heston Van Cuyck says:

Sell a course on udemy to start

Marc Abramsky says:

I think we live in a world where doing traditional things is not going to work anymore. These are great ideas Bill. The younger generation has to learn to live by their creativity. Gone are the days where you could count on being in one place for twenty or thirty years. All I would add is to learn how to fix things and build things. If you are a landlord you won't make much if you have to hire someone every time you have a problem. Get some carpentry skills, learn wiring, plumbing, drywall, flooring, landscaping and the list goes on. Over the years I made a small fortune doing jobs that others couldn't do. Plus, you can flip houses by renovating them yourself. Tradespeople are a dying breed. At some point in the near future, they are going to be making as much as a doctor. Yes it is hard work but no one wants to get their hands dirty anymore.

Genesis Malinosky says:

Write and sell an ebook is the first source.

bodhiczar says:

Bill… don't most apps, such as Ebay or Amazon seller already have built in scanners included? What is the benefit of having a dedicated BT scanner which is connected to your phone?

Edwin Zelaya says:

Amigo Bill great content thanks

Francesca Ghio says:

Sell Courses on Udemy is the first source

GTCam says:

So, when I was about 20, I hadn’t been exposed to any personal finance books, but I stepped out of the building for lunch one evening (somewhere around 3am because I was working 3rd shift in manufacturing), I was thinking “there has to be a better way. I need a different sort of income. I need passive income instead of this active income.”

I didn’t realize at the time that I was thinking in a term that I would later see become commonplace.

Which scanner is that you have for books?

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