How Much Passive Income 12 Houses Pay Me

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SuicidelG says:

How do you only put 3-10% down when you have to pay insurance if you put less than 20% down?

Jobcenter says:

video is dipshit but that ass in the back doe

SuicidelG says:

its 100% not true in stocks that its efficient, people make up the market lol

Malik Marcus says:

I hear you Kevin..butt 1:01 GOD DAMN.

max med says:

I bet the people sitting next to him are trying to figure out a way off to jump off the boat. Especially after listening to 10 min of retakes.

Josh Owens says:

Recession every 8yrs. Its been 10. How will that effect your net worth?

Kyan Das says:

1:01 I love how he zooms in and you’ve got some phat mom ass just taking over the screen.

bmu7979 says:

Life has no guarantees, just ask Kobe

YourBestSelf says:

Love your videos man. Been watching since you've had about 20k subs. Keep up the good work👊👌😁

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

Kevin, I like your videos, and love real estate. You right about pretty much everything, except of one ( in my opinion):
Everything you do does requored more time of work ( way more ) than 2 hrs/week! Let's be honest !
Some manage to stay sucessful working more, some less…but 2 hr a week is not an option.

nicholas dean says:

Should of called the video how to make millions from $0 net worth 16:00


Good to see Kevin taking some vacation time

EL Gee says:

No way… 28 is your birthday….

Ronea Saunders says:

Happy Birthdayy! Thanks for the great vids!

DDK Films says:

Wow haha. That's the ship I'm about to work on for my first down payment.

alex banks says:

Happy Birthday 🎁! 🎈
I wish you many successful real estate deals this year.

Nate Sheffield - Stock Market Finance Education says:

On refinancing, there is something out there called an (annual) incremental loan. Not just 30 and 15 years! You can refi to 23 or 18 years, for example. Look into it, @Meet Kevin!

Ann Chapman says:

Happy Birthday, Kevin

Passion Fun says:

5:09 You can do it!

The Part-time Landlord says:

Quick question Kevin. I’m taking my young family on a cruise later this year. How is cruising with young children? My baby girl will be about 17 months at the time.

Lia Summers says:

stop putting your biz in the streets, dude

wanjun shen says:

your sons are so cute. Great infor Kevin.

Jonah Reinholz says:

You filmed this on a cruise so you could write off the trip… right? 🙂

David Burg says:

He's paying for the cruise by making a video,cudos

Jarrod Sampson says:

Great tips and advice Kevin. Hopefully some people you had passed by on the cruise got a snippet of some golden information while you were recording!

DuyLuong says:

Hey Kevin, do you have email, i would like to ask some question about yr class.

Ryan says:

If you are in California real estate it is a bad idea. That market is too volatile. My cousin went bankrupt in 2008 with rentals in Cali.. and they were very conservative money-minded people. 😩

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