Don't Work For Money – Passive Income Will Change Your Life

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Let’s go back in time to when you were in school. Did anyone even hint that it was possible to make a living without trading time for money? We doubt it and they certainly didn’t for either of us.

We were taught there was 2 options: –
• Either you get a job;
• Or you become self-employed.

In both cases you would still be required to trade time for money. You would then do this until old age and retire just before you kicked the bucket. We were essentially encouraged to seek a mediocre life and to never reach for the stars.

As long as we achieved a life that represented an average middle-class existence then we had succeeded.

In this video we’re going to show that you don’t have to trade time for money until you are dead. We promise you there is a better way.

The buzzword is Passive Income and it will change your life, but whatever you call it, you don’t need to work for money forever. Let’s check it out…


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Jake Pemberton says:

Great video, deserve more subscribers. What are your thoughts on Robinhood coming to the UK early 2020? Hope you enjoy the extra "passive" income I've just generated for you.. Assetz Capital P2P.

603spikem says:

I've got 7k i wan't to invest, but don't know where to start? Help

Bikini Bandit says:

Pandemics, global economic crashes, mass movements of peoples from incompatible and/or war-torn continents.
A storm is coming.

Paul Richardson says:

as soon as ben said lets check it out my heart rate went from 60bpm to 160bpm

Paul Richardson says:

so bloody pumped for this video

Gary Thornbury says:

another excellent video, thank you

Daniel Angel says:

The strange thing I've found is that my friends and family are not interested in even hearing about being financially free…..its like I'm talking a unknown language or something?

Rav Singh says:

Ben…Andy…what can I say. You guys are inspirational. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for the upload.

chris hill says:

Great video lads, I got my first and only buy to let 2 and a half years ago and after ploughing most of the profits back into the property getting new double glazing, new bathroom and few other upgrades have just started investing any profits in the vanguard life strategy 80 fund. I’ll be mortgage free on the house we live in early next year so will hopefully be able to invest more😁 I’m 47 now and in the building trade so hopefully will be able to retire a long time before the government tells me I can👍🏻

Matt Mander says:

I agree with this video a lot. I am a person who started the personal finance journey with the Dave Ramsey plan. Currently debt free with a 3 month emergency fund, only earning around £20k a year. Enjoying living with less expenses and I am currently looking increase my earned income by looking at other ways to work. Passive income is something that I look to study and implement a plan on gaining this.

Kris Min says:

Coronavirus might wipe out your gains…

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