5 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

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Top 10 Dividend Stocks for a Market Crash: https://youtu.be/qB9UXANLGj8
Truth About Dividends: https://youtu.be/tzKsQDd6op8

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William Finch says:

Do any of these issue a K1? Asking because I'm surprised you didn't mention the extra tax hoops.
Yes, I'd love to see a video on monthly ETFs.

JuanV says:

You should definitely make a video about monthly dividend ETFs

Zealot Gaming says:

Please do top 5 monthly ETF

Harrie Heus says:

Please more info about monthly ETF's I,m very intrested

superfluous2004 says:

Do you need to file K-1 like MLP's when you buy PBT or any other royal trusts?

Riley Griffith - Stock Market Videos says:

Love EPR and Realty Income…and STAG! Haha great video, man. 👍

sagig72 says:

Hey Jimmy, great video. PBT (Permian Basic Royalty Trust) are at over 12% yield. If you can actually do a follow up video analyzing this stock and if worth/not-worth owning – will be really great.

Farhan S says:

Why FFO and not EPS for real estate?

maxjosephwheeler says:

Yes Top 5 or 10 if you can find them monthly ETFs.

Jordan Williams says:

I could use a dividend ETF vid. I just started investing this week (Jan 21) and I'm starting out with ETFs.

Hugo Meza says:

Great video! And yes please do an ETF monthly dividend video.
Also, have you looked into Store Capital? It’s a REIT that Warren Buffett owns.

Reaching for a million says:

Thank you Jimmy. That's awesome!!!

Emil Enkelund says:

Dividend ETFs!!!!!

Raymond Cross says:

Definitely do a Monthly ETF’s

W says:

My go to for monthly's right now are APLE and AGNC. Cheap enough to get that drip snow ball rolling.

Tom Settles says:

Yes PLEASE do a video on top 5 monthly dividend ETFs, and please see if they are consistently raising the payout for the last 5-10 years.

Jose Barba says:

You are the best. Keep up the amazing job

Camilo Sad says:

EPR is definitely worth a deep dive!

kubismatik2 says:

DIA – Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF is also paying monthly. If you like Canadian utilities you can consider AltaGas (ALA.TO), paying monthly and currently at reasonable valuation (compared to other utilities).

Praneel Singh says:

Monthly dividend on ETF PLEASE

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