REAL Passive Income in 2020 – Start With Little or No Money

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Is it Possible to create passive income with little money? Yes, if you are willing to put in some work, and embrace a learning curve.

FIRST: make a commitment you will stop clicking and start doing. Its easy to watch videos, say “oh that’s neat, Ill do that someday”. Someday never comes. Pick one thing, commit to doing it. Hack at it an hour or two every single day, learn, improve, get better, and in time you absolutely will have that passive income money coming in. Most people never even start, some start but give up quickly. If you want what other people don’t have…… you need to do what other people don’t do, and that’s work.

SECOND: When you do get started remember, it’s not just you struggling, hitting obstacles, suffering. Gurus make it look like you wake up one morning and you’re rich. Everyone goes through the struggle. Everyone feels like crying and throwing in the towel at some point. f you arent struggling, you are stagnating, so just keep plugging, and plugging, no shortcuts, take those hits you absolutely will succeed.

PASSIVE INCOME 2020 #1 YOUTUBE: There are very specific steps you absolutely need to take to make sure your channel gets traction. Cost to get started – zero, you can start filming with your phone, build a channel, and create this lifetime of passive residual income.
there is a sequence of events that absolutely has to be in place to make the channel succeed. Your thumbnails, frequency of uploading, increasing watch times and more. But all these things can be learned.
Whether you like cooking, or doing reviews for products or electronics, unboxing channels make money, dog training, vlogging, gaming, poetry, ukulele, memes, plumbing, if you have your own local business, everyone has some type of expertise they can share with the world.
Once your channel finally kicks in, there are multiple ways to monetize, including sponsorship, sales of products and YouTube monetization, so they pay you to place relevant ads on your videos. YouTube does all the hard work of finding appropriate advertisers, you just post content. We have videos we created 2 years ago, that generate ongoing income and will likely do so for years to come. Once a video gets indexed, it is literally generating revenue for you 24/7 365.
Now we dont have time to cover all the steps here, but if you are interested in seeing step by step, exactly what you need to do to build a channel, subscribe to our new channel we’ll show you how to build a channel from ground zero.

PASSIVE INCOME 2020 #2 Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can build years of relatively passive revenue. All you need is a website or even a blog. If you are willing to build the foundation, which can take a few months to a year, Its free to join most affiliate programs and you can represent any products you choose. You can promote Rolex watches from amazon or ebay, you can promote info products, you can promote web hosting, travel, most of the big travel sites have affiliate programs like travelocity, and tripadvisor, you can sell thousands of products through aliexpress, there are fitness affiliate programs like bowflex, or, There are fashion programs like Eddie Bauer or Nordstrom, gaming affiliate programs like Twitch or Astro, Music like Singorama or guitar center, We have had good success with educational products, these are typically $1000 courses where you can earn up to $500 per single sale. We focus on University prep courses because they have a higher perceived value. There are millions of people at any given moment searching to buy all of these products. All you need to do is connect buyer and seller, and you get paid a commission.
Everything has to be on point, your ad copy, your targeting, your page copy, but if you spend this couple of hours every day, come home after work, take 2 hours to learn and educate yourself, in a few months you can be generating a decent passive income. You can also build that blog, and once you get a few pages indexed in Google, those pages generate free money for months, possibly years to come. Tons of people are doing it from recipe blogs, vegans, home decor blogs, music, gaming, no matter what your passion or area of interest it absolutely can be monetized.
I have always liked high ticket intangibles, like the educational products, they have healthy commissions, they offer good value to the buyer, is not much competition, and a healthy market demand.

PASSIVE INCOME 2020 #3 Write a book. (Continued in video)

BEST YOUTUBE TOOL: One month free for paid option with this link.


Cryptomang says:

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for being real about your tips. I can personally see through a lot of the noise but I know others don't so it fills me with hope seeing people fighting the 'Profit Gurus'.

Commando Master says:

Can u post the step by step video on how to get started in affiliate marketing?

The Hassler says:

תותח על חלל!

Joshua Dietz says:

Howdy, very intriguing video. Was told I should really start developing youtube videos. So, the new channel is one I will be following. But, just to be sure, the new channel is named Madellian? This is where the link in the information content directs me.

GainTrainWompa 1 says:

Thanks for this !

tyler winchell says:

I messaged u on messenger need help deciding for passive income!

Passive Income Tom says:

Yes, that's so true. Trading time for money. 👍

Simple Bitcoin says:

I really like your channel

Very well done for all of us

Little surprised advice for you … Estaria estupendo ver tus consejos y tips en Espanol

Little Surprised advice for you … will be great to heard your tips and content in Spanish

Find a way to translate one video at time

Good luck in new challenge Sr

Love your Channel

God bless you

Edward Cain says:

Affiliate marketing is a bit hyped up and diluted now. The barriers to entry are lower now, so more people are in on it. But I might still give it a try.

Jeffrey R Williams says:

I'm 65, I agree, Youtube is a phenomenal resource with unlimited potential

Hassan Bazzi says:

Golden information. Thank you 🙏

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