How I Made an Extra $35k Last Year: Passive Income as a Photographer

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Today is an in depth explainiation of how I made $35,000 in passive income as a photographer last year.

My site-

WHERE I GET MY MUSIC (30 days free with this link)-

Main Video Camera-
Wide Angle Lens-
Zoom Lens-
Favorite Lens-
Travel/Vlog Camera-
Battery Grip-
Travel Camera Prime Lens-
Travel Camera All-In-One Lens-
Travel Ultra Wide Angle-
Small / VLOG Tripod-
Tripod Like Mine-
Tripod Ball Head-
On Camera Mic-
Colored Office Lights-
Colored Office Light Strip-
Favorite Headphones Ever-

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Evan Ranft says:

Appreciate y’all watching!! If you want me to continue this series leave and comment and a thumbs up 👍

Javon Chapman says:

Great video! Would love to see more of these. I think some people on YouTube do the bare minimum when it comes to some tutorials and I feel like this was in depth and a great framework to go even deeper from.

Paige Jiles says:

What a great video! I've been thinking about a website for print but had no idea how the shipping would work. Lots of good info.

Elvin Muradzade says:

Evan thank you for providing us with such personal information, you really make it simple to understand and encourage us to start something. Peace!


Fantastic video. Thanks for actually guiding us all through the website set up. Straight to the point. Great tips on the e-commerce side as well. Time to start updating my site👍

Sohknewjrny says:

Followed since 2017, I have been hesitant to start square space because of my indecisiveness. I love photography, I'm scared to jump in and fail.

Eli Beaverson Visuals says:

Cool stuff dude! I made my site with Squarespace as well and for anyone thinking doing the same I highly recommend it. Super intuitive to use!

Lee Watson says:

great video thanks for the info

Fabien Butazzi says:

Thanks Evan. You always give me so much motivation and I love how you're always upfront, thanks!

Josh Maupin says:

This is going to help me so much! Appreciate you Evan🙏🏽

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