8 PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS: How I Make $400 Per Day 💵

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8 Passive Income Ideas How I Make $400 Per Day 💵 Pure profit and passive income… it certainly exists. But what DOES NOT exist is the magic switch of a button and money starts falling from the sky. Passive income is either going to cost you 1 of 2 things upfront: your time or your money. So in today’s video, I present 8 passive income ideas that can pay between $100-$1000 per month (that you can realistically start) even if you are a beginner.


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Marissa Romero says:

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Raquel Parker says:

I love your videos, Marissa! You are an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs like myself! All blessings to you! 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Homiyar Vaid says:

Most informative video, Mam.🌷👌

3polygons says:

Royalties can also be set for graphic art (and other types of things, books, etc), be it illustration, graphic design… am both of that, but never signed a royalties based contract, nor did work in that way. Still, is super key for some artists to survive. Amazing video. 🙂

3polygons says:

7:38 Is a very tough question. I was taught that it all began with ARPANET, an US militar network (whose purpose was more scientific than militar, to be able to share computation across all the country) and the first to use the TCP/IP protocol. And that was a process between 1966 and 1969. Yet a few years before my own birth, lol. The thing has been around…
But….the reality is that there's no consensus, as a lot of initiatives happened and not only in the US. You could say there's no definitive answer (so, your no-answer was…correct 😉 ) . I'd only see real internet action in my country around 1995 or so. But in the US and other places, it was big much earlier…

Keiarra Ortiz-Cedeno says:

I am way curious, are you Puerto Rican? @Marissa Romero

The Affiliate Network says:

Can you be my mentor? I really like your videos. Is there a way to join your team or company?

Don’s Meditations says:

Ok I see you have a lot of videos already in affiliate marketing 👍🏽

Lisa Totaram says:

Because of you, I officially started my online course I was telling you about. 👏🏽 Thank you!

Don’s Meditations says:

Great vid marrisa please make a video on how to do affiliate marketing ?

Grandmaster Affiliate says:

I love the way you making that money, you are a talented business woman with a lot of knowledge about your subject. Signed: The King.

Lamya Yasseen says:

Thank you Marissa😘

Grandmaster Affiliate says:

Should you work for your money or should your money work for you? That is the multi-million dollar question. Thank you Marissa, wonderful passive income ideas. You! Are amazing. Signed: The King.


You are phenomenal

Keren Esiki says:

Thank you so much!! I need more information about affiliate marketing please

Digital design says:

thank you very much.
I agree with you I encourage every respectable person  It follows your style and I love you very much introducing my self. I am Ahmed Ibrahim from Egypt
can you teach me.

CryptoTakeOver says:

Great video and great ideas!!

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