Building Wealth & Passive Income Through Rental Property Investing | BP Podcast 152

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Close – How would you like to own ten, fifty, or a thousand rental units? That’s the topic of today’s podcast roundtable with three previous guests of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Ben Leybovich, Brian Burke, and Serge Shukhat. These three investors have three very different business models, and in this fascinating discussion, each shares how they use rental properties to build wealth and passive income. We discuss (and debate) every aspect of the investor’s journey — all in an effort to help you succeed! We also discuss the big dangers rental investors face and how YOU can avoid those problems! Don’t miss this incredibly powerful episode with three fun, smart, and successful rental property investors!


Miriam Falcon says:

Right now at this moment searching for my third investment property thank you for all these fenomenal shows 🤗🤗🤗

Fargo Snow says:

Why is this video still up? Bigger pockets has done a lot to expose Clayton as a con artist. I am surprised to find it still here. This video helped cause me to trust him. Now my money is all gone.

Veganin2016 Veganin2016 says:

Great information

Daniel Jackson says:

Too much stupid joking. Just give us the information.

Illyrian SS-Skanderbeg says:

The hosts consistently having a *issing match is so immature, it’s almost unbearable.

Tsvi Ancel says:

Dorkin you are an asshole

Jonathan Tran says:

Loved this episode!!

Matt Buys Houses says:

It's .all numbers not words .. buying wholesale and rehabing a 1% rental 30K house or 500k house is uniform to a successdful positive cash flow and exit

City Park Properties says:

So did Ben ever buy real estate after 2013? 2013-2015 were some great years. He said he had bad tenant experiences and seems very jaded.

Suzie Q says:

How do they not buy retail? How do they buy?

aaron philby says:

32:00 epic jab

Emil Hajric says:

I sense some beef between Ben and Brian

Extended Stay Tucson says:

#dim wit I've listened to this 3 times now. Each time I take something else away. Great show! Thank you. @Melissa Nevich

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