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How to make passive income while sitting in college class. This video will go over 4 ways to make money easily and how you can replicate these methods with little to no work. These passive income ideas are very easy and straightforward. Make money online while you sleep in school or from home. Passive income investments listed in this video are ways to make money that don’t require much time but often lead to plenty of residual income.

Here are a few book suggestions:
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Will Power by Roy F. Baumeister & John Tierny

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Passive income streams. The first stream of passive income is to invest in the stock market, now in the stock market you can make passive income by collecting dividends. This is a great source of passive income you can build by simply investing in great companies you believe in for the long term. The second source of passive income is peer to peer lending ( p2p lending or p2p investing ). Websites such as prosper and lending club, allow you to directly loan out money to individuals requesting the loan. In a future video, I will do a p2p review. Third source of passive income comes from an online savings account. Specifically ally bank but you can use any, just be sure that is FDIC insured. And last source of passive income is a credit card rewards program, this is pretty self explanatory.

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Zachary Laid Finding Freedom says:

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, you might want to watch – You will be POOR if you do this –

Jaimee Rae says:

Multiple streams of income 🤑

Mafia's Finest TV says:

Lol that picture was hilarious! What is your best income flow right now?

DaTyson says:

Hahahah XD planting cents. Sub is here

William Kim says:


vacationboyvideos says:

P2p leading I hear is risky

Zachary Willison says:

subscribed, i love your passion. I feel it being passed on to me.

Chris Lynch- Become The Best You says:

18% on P2P is huge!

Epic Math Time says:

You ever watch Nate O'Brien's channel? You might like it.

Just Start Fitness says:

Great video bro!! Thanks!

Phillip Andrew Barbb says:

BRO!!! I wish that planting Pennies would have worked!!! That's epic story man!
– @PhillipAndrewLA

Based Mike says:

Just earned a new sub keep it up bro ✊🏾

leesly B says:

Got this recommended on my feed and I was like: I’m sure I’ve seen this guy comment on Elisha Longs’ content lol
Im in college and currently reading think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill so the timing is perfect! Thanks for the video!

Chris Carvalho says:

I love these videos on passive income and multiple income streams. These topics should have been covered in school but they weren’t so I’m going to try my best to use YouTube to teach people how to become financially free! I’d appreciate your feedback on my newest video if you have a minute. Thanks 😁👌

vacationboyvideos says:

Thst prosper….what if u got people borring money who don't pay it back?

Stanley Stewart says:

Lol who do you have holding the whiteboard for you in the background. Good video tho

Money Man Sam says:

You buy stocks in hopes that you never have to sell them? ? Someone has been studying Warren Buffett/Ben Graham!

Silver Van Man says:

I'm in the UK, I tried to open a Prosper account but it looks like it's only for US residents.
Are there any other P2P platforms you could suggest? I'm currently using Ratesetter and getting around 4%.

SuperBatong says:



Hey how do u create those pauses in ur video….sometimes ur head moves back and forth…

Awe2b Traveling says:

Keep up the great work my dude! You're sure to blow up sooner or later!
Btw 4:40 – If you want something better, get Amex savings account ~2% at the moment; or Aspiration Checking account, if you have $1000 USD in it or more, you get 1% I believe. Also, Charles Schwab has a similar checking account, but less percent.

Mike David Papapavlou says:

Bravo Zachary! You're a natural instructor!



Keaton Palmer says:

Dude I didn’t know you watched Elisha long that’s awesome, do you watch tanner j Fox btw? I might’ve seen you there too


hiiiii, greats videos friend, i come for give support your channel guys,, visit back my channel and stay connected , thanks for sharing my friend

Fernando Gomez de la Torre says:

Great video! didn't know about a few things here, thanks!

Practical Inspiration says:

Fantastic video on passive income. Great stuff

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